And it’s time once again to update everyone on how things are progressing! Admittedly, there is not much NEW information than the last time due to no progress really moving forward on them while I’ve been busy with other matters.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
8/5 – Miller Time: Tales to Offend #1
8/12 – The Culling: Teen Titans Annual #1
8/19 – The Culling: Superboy #9
8/26 – The Culling: Legion Lost #9
9/2 – The Culling: Teen Titans #9
9/9 – Plan 9 From Outer Space: 30 Years Later #1
9/16 – Brute Force #4
9/23 – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
9/30 – SCI-Spy #4

As always, the schedule is subject to change if it turns out the material gives me nothing to work with or because I feel like doing something else. And yep, I’m finally reviewing something from the New 52. And it suuuuuuucks.

Storyline Stuff
As you may have probably noticed, unlike last year, the storyline will NOT be occurring every week. The reason for this is two-fold: one, it’s a short storyline ending in October and I can’t justify stretching it without adding a subplot or the like, which I’m not really interested in doing with this one aside from what’s already planned for it. Two, the reason the storyline was EVERY WEEK last summer was because I needed Linkara to be back at the apartment by October in order to do the Thing-centered Halloween story, since it wouldn’t make sense to have the hologram there for that. As such, I needed to hit a lot of story beats along the way and the only way to do that was to have story EVERY week. While there was a lot of it that I recorded ahead of time (the convention visits, for example), it was pretty easy to get burned out by the extra workload. I don’t want that to happen this year, especially with all the convention stuff this summer, so there will be a few storyline segments throughout the summer and then story pretty much every week in October for the Halloween storyline. What’s going to happen after this storyline concludes? Well, let’s not worry about that right now, needless to say I have plans.

Which ones will have story and which ones won’t? Well, the only way to be certain is to watch every episode. ^_~

Well, I’m happy to report that the DVD has been a success among people. So far no one’s complained about the DVD not being worth the purchase and that aside from one or two instances where the disc skipped, the DVD itself works and has even been arriving internationally without incident. If there DOES seem to be something wrong with it, confirm that it’s the disc and not the player and try to clean the disc to the best of your ability. If it’s still not working, shoot an e-mail my way and I’ll try to get it replaced for you.

Because I’m going to conventions, I’m also bringing merchandise along with me! Along with the DVDs will be a limited amount of plushie cybermats (since they are the most time-consuming to create) at $10 each, badge art, and prints. I’m hoping to have the badges with me at ConBravo to see how well they sell to people, but I should definitely have them for MythiCon. I’ll be selling them at $2 a pop and you can see the artwork for them here and here. I’ll have 4 different photo prints for sale at $5 each, one as Moarte, one of 90s Kid, one of me in the Obelisk Blue uniform, and one of me in the photo you’ve probably seen on convention websites. I’ll of course sign them, but if you bring any item of your own, including the convention badge or book, I’ll sign them for free.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve set up a Paypal Here device with my smartphone, meaning that I can now accept credit card payments for stuff (assuming nothing goes wrong, since I’ll be using it for the first time at ConBravo). Oh, and for ConBravo, the exchange rate is close enough that the prices will remain the same, so $1 USD will be the same as $1 Canadian.

Future DVDs?
Since the DVD has been a success, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll do DVDs in the future. The purpose of the first one was to get the origin of Linkara’s character out there (while leaving a few things up for questions or exploration in the future) and cover behind-the-scenes material like the Making Of the show that people have been asking about. Since that’s all covered now, I’d like to hear what people would like to see on future DVDs. I’m thinking that the next time it’ll be 2 episodes instead of 3 and leave the rest of the space open for stuff like riffs, Longbox of the Damned, or something else. I’d love to hear suggestions, so feel free to throw them out there.

Longbox of the Damned
Nothing new to report here other than I’ve begun writing scripts for Longbox of the Damned for this October. As with last year, there’s no theme – just 31 comics dealing with monsters, the supernatural, horror, and all that fun stuff. There WILL be some more manga titles this time and of course a mixture of well-known stuff and stuff nobody has probably heard of but I’ve come across or been donated to me. And naturally there will be some sequel episodes to stuff done for last year since the nature of comic trades has different volumes and trades to cover.

Not much else to report on this front other than what you guys already know. Though since ConBravo is coming up next week, here is the schedule of things I’m doing:

Saturday: Most Annoying Game Show in the World at 12 PM
Channel Awesome Q&A 1 at 1 PM
D20 Live at 9 PM

Sunday: Atop the Fourth Wall Live at 10 AM

The Channel Awesome peeps are supposed to have their own table, so no regularly-scheduled autograph time as far as I know, though that might changhe, but I’m going to assume that that’s where we’ll be operating out of whenever there’s downtime. I should note that I don’t personally have any crossovers planned for myself since I’m focusing on getting scripts finished for both the live show and the regular episode, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be appearing in other crossovers. ^_~

And bear in mind that while I’m scheduled to arrive on Friday, there may be complications in that area since I’m flying United and their track record is not exactly great and I’m supposed to be make 2 or 3 stops on United flights AND have relatively short layover times between flights. I’ll do everything in my power to get there ASAP, but I’m already anticipating that just getting there is going to be an adventure and a half.

Anything Else
Well, like I said, there’s not much else to report. I have the pencils for the last pages of issue 4 of Revolution of the Mask sitting in my Inbox and I need to approve them, need the last page of issue 3 so I can finally release that, STILL haven’t watched the first episode of Operation Overdrive (busy Linkara is busy), and I’ll of course update people on things as they come. Beyond that, looking forward to seeing people at conventions and looking forward to having you all enjoy the upcoming videos!

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