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Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
1/22 – PATREON: Ben 10 (2005) 1×01, 09, 13
1/29 – PATREON: Gokaiger Episodes 14, 22-24
2/5 – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Comic Adaptation
2/12 – PATREON: Megaman/Sonic: Worlds Collide Crossover, Part 1 (Megaman #24-25, Sonic Universe #51, Sonic the Hedgehog #248)
2/19 – Youngblood: Strikefile #5
2/26 – PATREON: Marvel vs. DC
3/4 – Kickers, Inc. #2
3/11 – PATREON: eXistenZ
3/18 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #1-3
3/25 – PATREON: Delicious in Dungeon, Ch. 2 and 3
4/1 – Target Lamp III: This Time It’s Personal
4/8 – PATREON: Moomins and the Comet Chase
4/15 – DC Challenge! #6
4/22 – LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE: House on Haunted Hill Night
4/29 – PATREON: Avengers: Disassembled
Event Comics Month 5: Secret Crusade of the Dark Convergence
5/6 – Secret Wars II
5/13 – Infinity Crusade
5/20 – Convergence
5/27 – Dark Knights: Death Metal

The schedule is of course subject to change for any reason, though the Patreon-sponsored reviews are locked in. Sorry that the January Late Night Double Feature is getting pushed back, but it is still a side show, so it has to get less priority.

The main reason why State of the Wall posts became infrequent last year was because the schedule itself was so much in flux – especially near the end – and I hate announcing episodes that I don’t end up doing or pushing back.

I haven’t exactly been quiet about it in the videos, but if somehow you don’t know about it, I’ve opened a new Merch store with Storenvy! Obviously I don’t go to conventions as much anymore (what with being a D-list internet celebrity and all), so some merch I’d sell just at cons hasn’t been available to people (or if I’m not at a convention near you). As such, the Storenvy allows me to sell that merch to you online! Of course it’s not just badge cards or autographed photos, but 3D-printed collectibles! For instance there’s a tiny Pollo statue (currently hand-painted or unpainted per your preference), an AT4W symbol pin colored gold (in the future, when I can print in multicolor, we’ll add one that’s in the proper colors), and biggest of all – the Robomats! The name has been changed for copyright reasons, but these little robotic security sentry worms have been a part of the show since 2012 and now you can have one, not just in a metallic silver but in various pride flag colors! I plan to add more color options (including full customization of colors) in the future.

The big stuff in the future that I plan to add, though, would be not only a 3D printed model of Comicron One (which I’m currently working on), and I’m thinking of adding a full Pollo puppet kit! I’m going to be making a new body for Pollo that’s fully 3D-printed and I figure if I’ve got the files, I might as well make backups and make it available. Mind you, while stuff like the Robomat is priced at $20, a full puppet kit is going to be on the more expensive side – probably as in a few hundred dollars range, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves on that just yet.

In the meantime, check out the Storenvy HERE!

History of Power Rangers
Next up for an HOPR video is going to be Cosmic Fury! I’m not giving an exact release date because right now I’m trying to just get back into the regular flow of creating videos after the holidays and other real life events. However, the plan is to get the video out before the end of January. While I originally thought it’d be easier to write this video because it’s only ten episodes (and that it’d be shorter), I’ve finished writing up the section on the 30th anniversary special Once & Always and it ended up taking longer than I thought… making me realize that in a season without filler – only ten episodes of plot-relevant material – I don’t really get breaks in summarizing as I go through it an episode at a time and I’m just continually writing the plot summary the whole way through.

It’s possible it still will be shorter than say Beast Morphers or Dino Fury because we already have the established characters and I don’t have to offer as many tangents related to the filler episodes or the like, but I doubt it’ll be less than 40 minutes long.

In any event, Cosmic Fury is next and fingers crossed it’ll be available before the end of January.

When I started my Patreon, one of the milestone goals was to ensure that I wouldn’t use midrolls in my videos anymore. It made sense because hey, Patreon was supplying the additional funds needed so that I wouldn’t NEED midrolls. That policy worked well for several years, especially as the popular wisdom at the time was to split larger videos into multiple parts.

Unfortunately, times have changed and things have gotten worse. Youtube pays out less than defunct platforms like Blip did and Patreon has become less a way of filling out a deficiency in funds and more a necessary half of my overall income. And Youtube has not gotten any better as my view numbers have mostly remained the same… all the while the cost of living has gone up.

The algorithm now loves longer videos, but longer videos take longer to produce. Still, this justified putting midrolls into any video over 40 minutes long – after all, it was the equivalent of two videos’ worth of material. However, I’m sorry to report that if I want to keep going with those cost of living increases, I need to bring midrolls back. Now let me be clear – if it’s a short 10-minute episode there won’t be one. I mean videos in the 20-40 minute range will now have a midroll as close to the middle as possible. I’ll stick to just the one midroll placement and only go beyond that if it’s closer to an hour long or over. The system of just putting a single second of a black screen has worked well, so probably no commercial bumpers like the old days (although maybe in the future we’ll come up with brief commercial eyecatches like some shows used to do, instead).

I am sorry about all this because I want to make viewing the show as easy and painless as possible, but this IS my job and I need to pay my bills. While merch sales help with that, ultimately there’s a finite amount of people who will buy DVDs or Robomats and it can’t be relied upon to permanently supplement my income.

In terms of game streaming, we’re probably going to start switching over to sunday nights at 8 PM central on a more permanent basis. It’s just been working out better for people’s schedules (my own especially) and push to Monday if I end up needing to delay it.

Sorry I haven’t been posting up any more streams here as of late, but I’ll try to rectify that soon. Otherwise for the coming year the plan is to return to my Pokémon Infinite Fusions Nuzlocke that I started as a streamathon in September but never got to finish. Admittedly, the game might take longer than I had anticipated to finish because I’ve discovered just SO MUCH extra content that the makers of the game included (and kudos to them for it), but the plan after that’s done is to play The Outer Worlds, AKA Fallout in Space. Nothing specific planned for Halloween as of yet, but it’s not like the world is lacking in horror games at the moment.

Otherwise, something I started in 2023 and am continuing into this year are Storyline Commentary streams! Done in the style of Team Four Star’s commentary videos over Dragonball Z Abridged, I stop and start the storyline compilation videos to give behind the scenes, inspirations for things, my thoughts and reflections on the storylines after so many years later, and just in general have a good time with it. There’s no set schedule for them, but I’ll be posting the playlist up here along with other games that need to be put in the livestream section. If you want to check them out now, though, you can click HERE!

Future Content
It’s very likely that in the future, I’ll be experimenting with a few new things to try to gain new viewers – Youtube shorts in particular. I have a few ideas for short form content that I’ll be putting out, nothing too extensive, but might be fun especially if I create enough of them (and release full compilations of them later). Otherwise, I also have a project similar to Winter of ’83 on the backburner. Still writing the script to it (and just haven’t had time to work on it), but I’m trying and I would really like to put out occasional original stuff like that and I have plenty of ideas for them. Rest assured this does not mean I’m sick of AT4W – I LOVE doing it and I’m already making plans for the 800th episode that will either hit at the end of the year or the beginning of 2025. It’s just sometimes you get a creative spark and you want to push through with it.

That’s it for now! Thanks for your continued support!

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