As always, here’s the current state of things on the show!

Check below the cut for the list of upcoming episodes and more!

Upcoming Episodes
4/7 – SCI-Spy #5
4/14 – Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
4/21 – Athena #2
4/28 – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey #1
5/5 – Zolastraya and the Bard #1
5/12 – PSA Hell: Superman: For the Animals #1
5/19 – Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos #2
5/26 – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie #1

As always, the schedule is subject to change if real-life events should force it or if I just change my mind. The storyline should be resuming some time in April. When? YOU’LL HAVE TO WATCH EVERY VIDEO UNTIL THE END TO FIND OUT! …But most likely closer to the end of the month. I have to get my taxes together, plus stuff featured below, so that takes time from editing and whatnot.

History of Power Rangers
Here’s the good news: it will definitely come out after this point! …Yeah, here’s the thing I’ve been holding out on. See, my contract as a member of Saban’s Power Force stipulates that any videos I release featuring Power Rangers footage requires that said footage come from a legitimate source, in other words the DVDs. As such, I’ve been waiting on the release of Operation Overdrive on DVD so I can get the footage from there. I’m still not done with the script, but there hasn’t been any rush to complete it because I couldn’t make the video anyway. Fortunately, said DVDs have arrived, so they can DEFINITELY be released now. Current progress is about 4 or 5 episodes into Overdrive. Still no signs of improvement in the series. And yes, I’ve seen Once a Ranger (not counting those in my 4 or 5 episodes in marker). That’s a not sign of improvement.

On that note, I’m still getting requests of “are you continuing this series?” The answer is always YES. I started this damn thing and I’m going to finish it. The only things that will keep me from finishing it is death or prison. Trust me, if I decided to stop doing it, I would make a big damn show out of it. But let me throw something else out there: History of Power Rangers is a side series, which means it doesn’t get my full attention every week because I’ve got an actual weekly show to put out and THAT takes priority.

I want this damn thing done and over with and I wanted it over and done with last year. So let me throw out an idea: would people prefer I take, like, a month off of AT4W (post-300th episode in June) and just finally do all the series that I can and put them out weekly? I can probably marathon each season in a two days, writing as I go, record, and edit in two days each, and release them in place of AT4W. Would that be something people preferred I do so this doesn’t continue to be an annual event?

AT4W Website
Progress! Mainly that a very rough idea of how the website will look has been put together as well as a general color scheme. We’re hoping to have the website finished and launched in May, though of course I’ll keep everyone up to speed on important updates. The important thing about the site is mostly for the purposes of archive-binging or watching old episodes. New stuff will always premiere on the front page and hopefully you’ll be able to find any video you want to see with a minimum of effort.

DVD Volume 2 Update
The bad news is that no filming has commenced yet for the DVD, so it’s not coming out when I wanted it to. That makes me a sad bunny because I don’t get the extra money for taxes that I wanted. The good news on that front is that means I shouldn’t be directly competing with the Cinema Snob DVD that’s been released right now. I’m still really, REEEAAAALLY hoping for the DVD to be ready by Midwest Media Expo later in April, but we’ll see. DVD contents have not changed since the last State of the Wall post – 2 new AT4Ws, 2 riffs, and 3 new Longbox of the Damned videos.

On the subject of Volume 1, though, shortly after I announced the Amazon deal with Kunaki, there was apparently some snafu with Amazon and they’ve taken down the option of ordering it there. It annoys me that they did so, buuut hey, maybe they’ll fix it all soon enough (they keep claiming they will).

Pokémon Omicron
You may have noticed that the flow of episodes has slowed. Mostly that’s because I haven’t had a good time to do another stream, so right now I’m sitting on about six remaining episodes that are edited and I need to get to work editing some more. I don’t want to run out and have another situation like with History of Power Rangers where it’s months (or sometimes years) without material. That’s just not a good way of doing business.

AT4W Episode Guide
Unfortunately, not much progress to report in that area for the time being. There’s enough of a demand for it, so I’m proceeding with the project, it’s just that rewatching, writing down thoughts and ruminations, and etc. is time-consuming and I’m trying to focus my efforts on other stuff at the moment, like the DVD or the impending storyline. I still want the project to go forward, and I’ll probably be devoting more time to it later once the second DVD is out. The good news is that there IS progress, since Al has been working on the “Classicards” as he calls them, with new title cards for older episodes from before he was my title card artist. You can check them out at his DeviantArt HERE.

Revolution of the Mask
I feel like this update is mostly just “I’ve been busy, that’s why there’s no progress,” which just seems like an odd oxymoron. It IS true, though. I am WORKING on things. I am spending my time on these things. And as I said last time – issues 3 and 4 of Revolution of the Mask are DONE. Finito. Ready to be released. It’s just my “lazy” ass that hasn’t gotten around to finally publishing the things. I’m definitely thinking they will be printed in limited numbers and sold at conventions, though, so for those interested in having physical copies, hooray!

The Road to 300
Atop the Fourth Wall is starting to approach it’s 300th episode! I think I might actually be the first among my compatriots to have a continuous series actually reach the 300th episode. And naturally I’m not saying what it is, but I will say it’s something highly-requested. Like with the 200th episode, I wouldn’t mind some ideas for ways to get the fans involved and excited over it.

One idea that my brother has been pushing is a live stream (and possibly a fundraiser for certain future projects, but I’m getting quiet about THAT right now), which I’m actually very much in favor of. He thinks it should just be me, him, and some friends BSing around and doing improve games to entertain and whatnot (with the aforementioned fundraising). I am more in favor of a general celebration stream, possibly with prerecorded bumpers and, more importantly, an Atop the Fourth Wall Viewer’s choice kind of thing. I used to LOVE Viewer’s Choice stuff on TV – I remember Star Trek, for one of its big anniversary years, held a marathon of the Top 10 Next Generation episodes as voted by fans and I’d be in favor of that, as well. My brother thinks people don’t want to watch stuff they can already view on the web, but I’d like to hear all of your thoughts to see if it’s something you guys would be interested in (particularly if, perhaps, we premiere the 300th episode (or a new episode) to you on the same day).

Convention season is coming up! Yaaay! As I said, I’m hoping to have the second DVD ready by Midwest Media Expo, but if not by then, then definitely by Animinneapolis. At the very least, I’ll still have copies of the first DVD, plushie cybermats, badges, and prints ready for MME. As always, just remember that if there’s a convention you want me to attend, you need to get the convention to invite me – I just don’t have the money or time to go to conventions simply for my own enjoyment (aside from a local one or two that are more business trips for me to find new material to review). There may be another convention or two to announce later, but here’s the definite list right now:

Midwest Media Expo
April 25-27
Detroit, Michigan

May 23-25
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anime Midwest
July 4-6
Rosemont, Illinois

July 18-20
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

September 19-21
Orlando, FL

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