It’s that time again! Nothing really huge to report in the update, but I do include few things I’ve been meaning to post for a few days now, plus of course the schedule of upcoming episodes, so take a look under the cut.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
3/25 – Titans Retrospective: Titans #26-50
4/1 – Target $20 Lamp Review
4/8 – Power Pachyderms #1
4/15 – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
4/22 – Dragnet #4
4/29 – Wild Thing #1
May: 2099 Month
5/6 – 2099 Month: Spider-Man 2099 #1
5/13 – 2099 Month: Hulk 2099 #1
5/20 – 2099 Month: Doom 2099 #1
5/27 – 2099 Month: Ravage 2099 #1

Now some of you might think it’s bad for me to have a theme month so soon after the last one. I will say you get five episodes before then of comics and lamps of varying quality, so you’ll get to see plenty of other stuff before we talk about another little eccentricity of the 90s.

One Moment in Time Crossover Commentary

Commentary for the One Moment in Time crossover with the Last Angry Geek!

Podcast Talking about Power Rangers Costumes!
Impatient for History of Power Rangers? Well, the good news is that I recently did a podcast with Podcast Sentai Rangers where we discussed EVERY suit from Power Rangers and Super Sentai! You can go HERE to listen to it or download the MP3 HERE!

Lightbringer Update
So about two months later aaaand I haven’t picked a new writer yet. Yeah, sorry, but it’s been a priority for me to get ahead of the game on episodes since this summer is going to be PACKED (see conventions below). Needless to say I want to pick a new writer soon and a lot of people have submitted, so I’ll be going through them at my earliest possible convenience.

History of Power Rangers Update
Part of also getting ahead of the game is working on History of Power Rangers again. As you may have noticed if you follow my twitter feed, I have once again resumed work on watching Mystic Force. I’m also regularly watching MegaForce on Saturdays to keep up with that so that when I eventually reach those episodes, it’ll be a lot easier to write out the videos for those. Want my opinion on it? I like it, but that’s pretty much it. You want a detailed look? Wait for the video. Still planning on trying to get the rest of the History finished this year.

Longbox of the Damned Update
I have started preliminary work on the Midsummer’s Nightmare version of Longbox of the Damned which we’ll be doing probably either June or July (yes, I know it’s not “midsummer” in June – shut up) and I confirm that I will DEFINITELY have one this October, so look forward to that.

DVD Update
Not much to say on this front either, but of course I’m pleased to report that I have picked out the four comics that will be the four DVD-exclusive episodes. I will say that some involve superheroes and some involve other fun things that comics used to talk about in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I have also figured out what the storyline for the videos will be. It will not be a confrontation with a villain, since the editing on THAT would be a pain in the ass, but I think people will be quite happy with what I have chosen to be the story on the DVD. I’d still love to hear ideas for DVD extras (assuming I can fit them when I’m trying to fit four episodes of indeterminate length on this thing).

Upcoming Convention Appearances
2013 is shaping up to have a looooot of conventions coming up, mostly in the summer.
-Animinneapolis once again in Bloomington, Minnesota on June 28th through 30th. Animinneapolis’ Website
-Anime Midwest in Chicago, Illinois on July 5th through 7th. Doug Walker will also be there! Anime Midwest’s Website
-ConBravo once again in Ontario on July 26th through 28th. Expect a more formal announcement video of my attendance in the near future. ConBravo’s Website
-MythiCon in Orlando, Florida on August 23rd through 25th. My first time in Florida! MythiCon’s Website
-MetaCon once again in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 30th through September 1st. This one is tentative because it’s RIGHT AFTER MythiCon, but I’m still planning on attending. MetaCon’s Website

Now as you can imagine, this is A LOT of conventions in a relatively short amount of time. The hope I have is that I will be so caught up and ahead on Atop the Fourth Wall episodes that I can do live shows at each and every one of them. If I fail in that goal, I have a backup plan: live riffing on shorts. To be perfectly honest, riffing is actually a lot easier for me to write than the comic stuff (it helps that the public domain shorts offer so much to work with), so there will be a live performance of SOMETHING even if it isn’t a comic.

For some of these, like the local conventions of Animinneapolis and MetaCon, I’ll definitely have tables for selling stuff, which should hopefully include plushie cybermats, comics I’ve reviewed, and the DVD (which will hopefully be finished by then).

Revolution of the Mask Update
So, how many times have you heard me say Issue 3 is almost complete? ^_~ Well, same tune there, but the other good news is that issue 4 is halfway done! I’m probably NOT going to release them both at the same time, but the good news is that if you want to see progress being made on Issue 4, well BJC has been posting up snippets of his work on his deviantart page! You can check out pictures of him inking the pages and some of the pencils/inks in THIS GALLERY!

That’s all I’ve got for now. You may now begin asking me questions about things.

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