As always, it’s time to do some updates on what’s going on with various projects and things from Linkara!

Check under the cut to see what’s happening over the next two months!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
12/2 – The Punisher: Silent Night #1
12/9 – Solson Christmas Special featuring Samurai Santa #1
12/16 – Star Trek: The Next Generation #2
12/23 – Doctor Who Classic Comics #15
12/30 – The Next 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W
1/6 – Marville #6-7
1/13 – Comic Book Quickies #2
1/20 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman and Robin #7
1/27 – Preparedness 101: A Zombie Pandemic

As always, the schedule is subject to change depending on the content of the comics or if I just change my mind. Storyline will most likely resume in February (there will NOT be a double-feature). If you’ve missed me announce it previously, the name of this next storyline will be “The Machinations of Worms.”

Atop the Fourth Wall Holiday Shopping Guide
I WAS going to do this in video form, but that keeps getting pushed back as I try to get other stuff done with and frankly, with the need to get this out before the first December episode hits, I think it’s fine if I just modify that video to being a commercial at the end of an episode, instead.

As such, here are some fine products that you, as an Atop the Fourth Wall fan, you should be buying for the holiday season!

The Atop the Fourth Wall vol. 1 DVD!
As a reminder, the DVD contains THREE new episodes, a 20-minute making-of featurette, and a 35-minute video where I ramble about my characters. And because of the holiday season, THE PRICE HAS DROPPED! From now until January 1st, 2014, the DVD is now only $15!
Click here to buy it with a credit card!
Click here to buy it with Paypal!

The Harvey Finevoice Christmas Album!
Part of the reason why this post has taken so long is because I intended to add two new songs to the album to encourage people to buy new songs and whatnot. Sadly, time has not permitted me to get that done yet, but if you haven’t gotten the album yet, now is your chance! I will make another announcement on twitter and tumblr when the songs are available. They’ll be “If You Should Want the Moon” (finally released after so many years) as well as “Thankful Heart” from last year’s Christmas episode! Well, assuming the license to sell the cover actually goes through, but like I said – I will keep people updated on that.
You can buy the album here!

Atop the Fourth Wall T-Shirts!
As always, T-shirts are available for sale! Some of them are quotes, some of them are amusing little designs, and some of them are the logo. Express your adamantium rage, ask when the next History of Power Rangers is coming, or declare “Bees, My God” for all the world to see!
You can buy the shirts here!

MAGFest and HelioCon
Yep, not only am I going to MAGFest again this year, but also to a new convention: HelioCon! As per usual, I’ll be doing live shows at both and I’ll be selling con-exclusive stuff like badges and prints! With MAGFest, it’s also the biggest gathering of TGWTG producers in the USA, so it’s the best chance to see as many of us as you can!

Before you ask, no I do not know when the live shows will be. I will try to keep people updated as new information comes.

MAGFest: January 2-5th at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland! You can of course check it out HERE!
Helio-Con: A speculative fiction convention on January 26th at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville, Texas!

History of Power Rangers
No update! What a shocker. Still hoping to get Overdrive watched and over with by the end of the year. I have no opinions about MegaForce as of yet. I prefer to reserve judgment of any series when it actually completes, not when they arbitrarily split a season in half and add “super” to it due to Nickelodeon’s bizarre practices.

Special Christmas video
Hoping to have something really special for you on Christmas Day. As with the special AT4W episode a few weeks ago that didn’t come to pass due to time constraints, I make no promises, but the good news is that the Christmas video will hopefully be something a little easier to put together despite being a longer video. Subsequently, let me ask: would you prefer something that was an hour and 20 minutes long be split into multiple videos or one long video with a commercial break or two?

Youtube Syndication Page
In case you missed it the last time, the Atop the Fourth Wall syndicated youtube page is still happening! At the time of this post, all of 2012’s Longbox of the Damned is up, History of Power Rangers through SPD have been uploaded, and I have begun posting the twice-weekly Atop the Fourth Wall old episodes, most recently Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1 and the Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains! Next up is Daredevil #305 and #306, the two-parter that introduced the utterly crappy villain known as the Surgeon General! It’s also the second time the “Previously On…” segment was ever used, so check it out this Monday!

The Atop the Fourth Wall Youtube Page is HERE!

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