You know the drill! Check behind the cut to see updates on various series, a list of upcoming episodes, and more!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
1/30 – The Star Wars #4
2/6 – PATREON: Spectacular Spider-Man episode 1×10 – “Persona”
2/13 – Youngblood #9
2/20 – The A-Team #2
2/27 – PATREON: The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s Finest
3/6 – See You Next Mirror: Exiles Retrospective, Part 1
3/13 – See You Next Mirror: Exiles Retrospective, Part 2
3/20 – Reagan’s Raiders #1
3/27 – PATREON: Fist of the North Star, ch. 1

As always, the schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, a lack of material to work with in the review, or any other factors that might come up.

Like last time, I do apologize about how slow-moving the storyline is going. Rest assured, it’s going to end this year before October, since I already have plans for the Halloween storyline this year that REQUIRES “The Sleepwalker” to be done with. Hopefully I can finish it even before the summer, but I make no promises.

In case you missed the announcement, I’m finally on with T-Shirts! Well, right now, it’s just T-shirt singular, since there is one new T-shirt available: a long-awaited I AM A MAN! Shirt!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t uploaded all my previous shirts to the site yet, well there’s a simple reason for that: I can’t… exactly. The thing is that part of Shark Robot’s system is that the more different colors there are for their shirts, the more expensive it is to print them. And let’s face it, a lot of my old shirts were very colorful. Now that’s not NECESSARILY a deal-breaker. What is, however, is the fact that Shark Robot also only keeps certain shirts permanently. In this case, it requires around 19 pre-orders before they allow a shirt to stay up permanently. And since I know all of you have limited income, that means I have to be very picky about what shirts I put up for sale.

As such, expect a new shirt except every few months (maybe 2-3 per year) will be made available. This shirt will be selected by Patreon contributors from a selection of 5 or so choices I’ll present (the shirt designs that don’t make it will likely carry over for each vote), then make that one shirt available for pre-order and (hopefully) it’ll become permanent. This should hopefully keep your wallets from getting overburdened too much and some shirt designs not getting a chance to become part of your wardrobe.

One of the great things about Shark Robot as opposed to previous t-shirt services I’ve used is that buying wholesale shirts from them is A LOT cheaper. It’s what’s kept me from bringing t-shirts to conventions for sale. However, with Shark Robot I can now bring t-shirts to conventions! However, this does raise up a question and I’ll need help from you guys with. See, yes, I can bring shirts… but you all come in various sizes and I have limited space to bring stuff with me, meaning I have to prioritize certain sizes over others. If I were to bring shirts to a convention, what size would you want that would encourage you to buy them? They would likely still be the $20 they’re listed for online.

History of Power Rangers
Well, I’m proud to announce since they actually DO have release dates now for the rest of Super DinoCharge (and they’re relatively close by), that I can announce a release date for the History of Power Rangers episode for it!
DinoCharge: April 27th
Ninja Steel: N/A

As always, this date is subject to change depending on how busy I am with other projects… aaaand other projects are going to start really ramping up as we head into the summer. The revised versions of videos are of course continuing, and in case you haven’t seen, I released two videos for a revised version of Zeo! You can find those videos HERE and HERE! Expect a revised version of Turbo before the end of February. In Space… will be trickier, as you can see in a vlog I’ve put up on my youtube channel answering questions for newcomers to History of Power Rangers.

As a reminder, I do plan on seeing the upcoming reboot movie that’s coming out in March, but it will likely only result in a vlog unless I’m either inspired enough to review it (unlikely) or if a Patreon requests a review (provided it’s still past the one-year cutoff date).

Let’s Play Pokémon Omicron
The next stream date for Pokémon Omicron is March 13th at 7 PM Central time! The stream link, as always, is Available HERE. The last stream was sadly cut short due to me being extremely tired. Hoping that won’t be the same here. As I’ve said before, I’m hoping to wrap up Pokémon Omicron this year (at the very least finishing the game in streams this year). I know there’s Post-game content, but the current plan is to end it after the Elite 4 are defeated.

As I’ve said in PO Unboxing videos, I want to start doing more gaming content for the channel, but I don’t want an unfinished Let’s Play hanging over my head with it, hence why I’m rushing to get more Omicron out. I’m sorry it still seems like I’m only releasing one or two per week, but fortunately the process has gotten a lot faster. And more fun, frankly, since I decided to have other people along for the ride. On that same note, thanks to everyone who has been sending in gaming material for future Let’s Plays! Hopefully we’ll have a chance to really sink our teeth into it sooner rather than later.

PO Unboxing
Here is your regular reminders that PO Unboxing has no set schedule and to please think carefully about what you send – is it something I’ve already received? Is it something I’ve already reviewed? Has Linkara been saying in these videos for a while “Oh God, please slow down on sending stuff we still haven’t organized it?” Fortunately, I don’t think we’re at the point of CLOSING the PO Box (which, in case you didn’t know, the address for the box can be found on the Contact page via the top header), but it’s certainly getting close. January has thankfully slowed down the amount of stuff sent our way and I hope that continues for a while.

The Next DVD
While the Movie and Compilation Disc from last year were awesome (and I thank you all for your continued support of them), I want to try to keep introducing a new DVD at least once per year with fresh content, and sadly we have been severely lacking for a proper NEW DVD of episodes for quite a while. As a reminder, old storyline segments cannot go on the DVDs due to using copyrighted music and not having the original files anymore for them, so the DVDs will ALWAYS contain new, never-before-seen content.

Speaking of, the current plan is to hopefully include the long-awaited Nostalgia Critic review of the AT4W Movie. That had been planned for the Movie’s DVD, but had to be scrapped due to Doug’s own busy schedule. Stuff can still happen, but it’s currently on the table for it. Otherwise, the plan is to have this one emulate the volume 2 DVD:
-Two new Atop the Fourth Wall episodes
-Three Longboxes
-Two Riffs

That will of course change depending on how much space is available on the DVD. I do not currently know at this time whether it will be sold through Screenwave as had happened with the movie and Compilation Disc, since while it’s great to have them available on Amazon, it’s a bit harder for me to have a constant stock of the DVDs in for conventions. More info will become available as it is available.

I’m also announcing the name of the DVD – Vol. 3: Character Reboot, wherein the reviews and riffs will focus on books featuring a character with the same name as more familiar heroes, but obviously very different (and very public domain).

I’m still taking suggestions for things to help with the Patreon, but thankfully I HAVE found something that might work to increase it’s numbers: namely, Patreon-exclusive polls and information. Yes, it seems there was a serge in patrons after I announced the poll for Event Comics Month, which will be occurring in May. That’s why the next T-shirt vote will be on Patreon for patrons only. We’ll definitely be trying this more often, especially in April when I announce the first viewers’ choice – where I’ll present three comics I could be reviewing and let you guys vote on what you’d like it to be. For now, thanks for the support you’ve given and I’m hoping you will continue to support the show in the future!

Animinneapolis – Once again, for any of you Minnesota locals who want to meet me, I’ll be at Animinneapolis at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in, well, Minneapolis on May 26-28!

Anime Midwest – I’ll of course be at Anime Midwest again at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois on July 7-9!

Expect a few more old favorites to pop up as we get closer to them, like ConBravo or Too Many Games, but at this time no formal invitation has been sent out, so I make no announcement, either. I’ll of course update the list if anything else comes up between now and the next State of the Wall.

That’s it for now! Questions? Comments? Responses to my own queries? Let me know in the comments (or replies/reblogs/etc. on Tumblr)!

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