As always, here’s the state of things for the show and various other projects going on!

Check everything out under the cut!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
2/3 – US-1 #3
2/10 – Youngblood #6
2/17 – Star Trek: Generations
2/24 – Gameboy #3
3/3 – The A-Team #1
3/10 – The Wild #1
3/17 – Kamandi at Earth’s End #5
3/24 – Nova Girls: Kissing Canvas
3/31 – Avengers #200

As always, the schedule is subject to change depending on outside factors or if a comic just doesn’t have that much to work with. However, this set has me FINALLY looking at Avengers #200, a widely-requested comic, so hooray for that, at least.

For those in Texas who’d like to see me, come to the one-day speculative fiction convention HelioCon in Lewisville, Texas on Sunday, January 26th! More details HERE!

Since people have been asking, the new storyline (titled “The Machinations of Worms”) will begin sometime in April. I wanted a few months to work on these other projects and get them done, plus what the last storyline taught me was just how useful it was to have all the scripts for said storyline in the can ahead of time instead of just having a pretty good idea of where the storyline was going. Since this storyline is also horror-themed, it will end in October.

MAGFest Live Show
The MAGFest Live Show will be put up (hopefully) later this week. I’m going to be focusing my efforts on getting an episode and another live show script ready for HelioCon. Since HelioCon is a new convention and I don’t know how much of a fanbase I have in that area who will be attending, this will be another case of “that live show will go up depending on how many people are there.” Live shows are always more fun if there’s more of an audience, so while I’ll most likely film it, I may not put that one up and just reuse the script for the next convention.

Atop the Fourth Wall Episode Guide Book
As I’m always seeking new ways of merchandising the show and offering products and things that people would actually be interested in having, I can announce another project which is in the works: the Atop the Fourth Wall Episode Guide Book! Still haven’t figured out a name for it, so I’m open to suggestions. Basically, I asked on tumblr if people would be interested in such a work and people definitely liked the idea. As such, it’s currently in the works, with me rewatching the old episodes, figuring out my favorite joke, writing about the storyline events that happen, and putting in my ruminations and thoughts about everything.

The book will be structured very similarly to Mystery Science Theater 3000’s “Amazing Colossal Episode Guide,” though obviously some differences since the show formats are different. Still, I’ll try to include stuff like crossovers, commentary from other producers involved with the material in question, and other neat little factoids or the like. Now obviously for copyright reasons, I can’t include artwork from the comics in the book (with exceptions for stuff like Neutro, which is public domain), but we’ll be getting around that with title cards from Al, including new ones for older episodes from before he worked on the show. Another thing to note is that the book will probably be only the first volume, with hopefully more in the future. We’re approaching 300 episodes right now, which means even if I kept it to 1 episode per page (which isn’t all that likely to happen considering my tendency to ramble), the book would be far too big as a single volume. As such, the first volume will probably cover the first 100 episodes or so depending on length and if there’s more interest in it, I’ll make more volumes covering the rest of the series.

DVD Volume 1 on Amazon
Kunaki, the service responsible for publishing the DVDs, has now set up a service where the DVD can be sold on Amazon! If you’re someone who has had difficulties with Kunaki’s system for one reason or another, you can purchase the DVD from THIS AMAZON LINK!

People have also asked if I get more money through Kunaki or through Amazon. The answer is I get more from Kunaki – they take out $1 and the cost of shipping, leaving me with around $19 per DVD whereas Amazon takes out a few bucks for themselves, meaning I get $15 from them. That being said, it’s more important to me that people are able to purchase the DVD at all, so I prefer you use whatever works best FOR YOU.

DVD volume 2
For those asking, there will indeed be a second volume of the DVD! The current hope is to have it done by March/April so it’ll be around for the summer Con season. The tentative title for it (like how volume 1 was Secret Origins) will be “Editorial Mandate.” The tentative contents shall be:
-2 Brand new Reviews!
-2 Brand new riffs!
-3 Brand new Longbox of the Damned episodes!

Since storyline stuff tends to be the thing that takes the longest to shoot and complete for these, there won’t be a storyline for the two episodes. If there’s a high enough demand for one in the future, it’ll probably be incorporated again, but for the moment we’ll see how things go with just reviews, riffs, and really poor makeup application for Moarte. The volume 2 DVD will also be available on Amazon when it’s ready.

History of Power Rangers
Sooo yeah obviously that didn’t end up happening at the end of last year like I hoped. No change here except I’ve finally seen the first two episodes of Overdrive, so progress IS being made, if slowly.

Revolution of the Mask
Yes, this series IS continuing. As I said in a previous State of the Wall, it’s more just a matter of finding the time to get them set up at a new publisher. Issues 3 and 4 are complete and we’ll see if I’ll publish them simultaneously or separate in order to space them out a bit. As always, time is my enemy. However, things should be less hectic after HelioCon, meaning I’ll have time to work on this and all the other projects.

That’s all for now! Feel free to ask any questions and check out the new episode when it premieres later this morning!

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