Heyo! I have two recent podcasts that I did up for you first.

And interview with Caboos15:

And then watch a muuuuch longer interview (plus some quirky characters answering questions) in this one with Attack of the Awesome:

And finally, you may have noticed that on the side of the blog, I’ve added a poll for the new ship name. I should point out that it’s still possible I’ll end up liking some other name or add it to the poll, but for the moment these are the ones that I really liked.

This one seems to be a major contender for most people who suggest names… that and “Valiant,” but the thing is that I’m trying to AVOID references to other shows, and Valiant has already been taken by Doctor Who.

Here’s my only exception to that, because Titanus just denoted hugely big and badass, so I’m making an exception in this case.

Giga Ship
I would LOVE to name my ship the Mega Ship, but that’s already taken by Power Rangers and the Titanus one is already stretching things. So what’s bigger than Mega? GIGA.

I admit I didn’t really want it referencing anything comic or Atop the Fourth Wall-related directly since it just seems silly naming a warship after the funny parts of the show, but “Comicron” just sounds awesome.

Virtue Emerald
A little more surreal, admittedly, but it’s unique, it reflects both the V-theme as well as the green aspects of the ship, so I kind of like it.

It has the awesome “Giga” part of the name, plus a play on words. I couldn’t resist.

I’m Not Liking Any of These Names
If the overwhelming majority says that these names all suck, then feel free to suggest some more. I want something badass but not negative (no DESTROYER OF WORLDS or the like), something that isn’t a reference to a TV show, comic, movie, video game, etc., and overall just something awesome.

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