Odds and Ends


Okie dokie, I’ve got a couple of things for you all… First and foremost:

Superman 4 Commentary

Just how did this epic crossover occur? Find out!

Podcast Interview Number… Uhh… I’ve lost track.

Moonhawk Studios did a podcast interview with me a few weeks ago (yeah, I’m behind on a couple of things) and you can find it HERE!

Just scroll down to “Season 02, Episode 03” to hear us discuss Lightbringer, Revolution of the Mask, and of course the thing that actually made me popular. Though just FYI, the first ten minutes or so are them filling in stuff for their previous podcast, so just be patient!

New episodes

Alrighty, doing it a teensy bit early since I don’t want to make another Odds and Ends post in just two more weeks, but I’m also going all the way through February!

12/7 – The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 1

12/14 – Extreme Super Christmas Special #1

12/21 – James Bond, Jr. #3

12/28 – Top 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W

1/4 – The Pitt #1

1/11 – Scarlett #1

1/18 – Future Five #1

1/25 – Ultimates 3 #1-2

2/1 – Ultimates 3 #3-4

2/8 – Ultimates 3 #5


2/22 – The Wanderers #5


As I’ve said on message boards, forums, and other places, the Mechakara subplot will be resolved in February. In the meantime, I think you guys should start working on who he is and what he wants!

Every appearance he’s made gives a clue or a hint as to his identity, his motivations, or his goals, so here’s the list of appearances/Hints:

-Superman vs. the Terminator #1

-Countdown Part 1

-Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown

-Cable #1

-Zero Patrol #1

-Silent Hill Review Alternate Endings

-Doom #1

-EDIT: Blackest Night Special

Let’s start the Wild Mass Guessing!

Back Issues!