New Episode Delay


In case you haven’t been following my Twitter, I just moved into a house! It’s really awesome and the filming space is expanded, and hopefully some new projects and sets can be utilized. That being said, I have A LOT of stuff. Some stuff, like two of the shelves behind me, won’t fit in the new basement filming space (always measure things, kids).

The result of this rather intense move is that it’s entirely likely the episode will not be ready on Monday. Missing a Monday episode deadline is always crushing for me and is almost always either a result of personal stuff (getting sick) or the episode was really complicated (the 400th, storyline finales). I hate leaving people on a cliffhanger considering what happened at the end of the last review, but it shouldn’t take TOO long to get things back in order. The storyline segments and visual effects for the next episode are done, just not the review written or filmed (it’s Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War, in case you hadn’t heard – so it’s a full 6-issues to look at). The move will be written into the storyline (not in the way I had originally intended, but there you go) and things will hopefully return to normal by the time October rolls around.

So when will the episode come out? Right now I’m shooting for September 8th, the official 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I apologize for this delay and now I have to get back to work. Thank you all very much for your continued support of the show!

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