Soooo at Midwest Media Expo, I made a little announcement! Namely that I am working on an Atop the Fourth Wall movie. Here are the things I can tell you right now about the project and what I can’t tell you:

1. I cannot tell you what the plot is.

2. I am planning on launching an IndieGoGo/Kickstarter for it… WHEN I’M READY. I decided to officially announce it to start getting some buzz and interest in it early, especially since I have a few more conventions this summer that I can talk to people about it.

3. I’m planning on filming it next year. Because of the amount of time it will take to film, edit, and put together the thing, it is likely that there will be no storyline next year. And that’s actually fine by me, since the storyline I have planned out after the Machinations of Worms arc will be VERY involved, very difficult to write, and require a lot of time and preparation for me to get right and there’s no way in hell I can do both at the same time.

4. The current stage of development is that there is a script for the movie. It is in its second draft and all relevant parties are reading it and offering me critiques/notes/refusals to have anything to do with me and my idiocy.

5. No, this project will not be on the scale of the Angry Video Game Nerd movie. It will be more equivalent to a TGWTG Anniversary film or the Cinema Snob movie, though centered mostly around AT4W.

6. Subsequently: yes, there are plans for other Channel Awesome producers to be in the film, perhaps even in major roles. Atop the Fourth Wall’s storyline has always tried to keep itself strongly tied to the greater Channel Awesome “universe” (for lack of a better term) and the movie would be no different. However, the focus will be on characters of Atop the Fourth Wall for the most part and the other producers will help inform and advance these characters.

7. No, I will not tell you who is in it.

8. I do not know as of yet what the budget will look like for the crowdfunding. I first had the inspiration to work on this project last year and had hoped to film it in 2014, but that obviously is not happening. I got very busy with everything else around here. I’ll be taking time during the summer to assess the various costs for what I’m working on. I wouldn’t mind some helpful suggestions for groups in Minnesota who do set construction for independent films or something like that, as well as space that could house such sets.

9. I have not decided yet if the movie will be released online first or go straight-to-DVD. While potentially more profitable to go straight to DVD, there is certainly something to be said about keeping people excited about a movie’s approach and immediate release that could work well in my favor. I’m open to insight from all about it.

10. I have not yet figured out perks for the crowdfunding. Signed DVDs or special edition DVDs are likely, but other things need to be decided upon later. I am, again, open to suggestions.

11. It will not be a prequel. Linkara’s origins are documented in the first DVD.

12. It is entirely likely that all of these things I’ve talked about will change. I’ve probably got another year before I hit record for the first time on this and possibly even more if things end up falling apart unexpectedly (and when it comes to movie production, it most likely will).

In the meantime: start talking, start considering, and if you want to help, start telling me stuff to do.

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