Secret Wars II

Maybe this should have STAYED a secret.

The best way to end your long-running series before a relaunch is to piss off all your fans, right?

Moomins and the walking simulator!

Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dungeons.

Makeship Campaign!

In case you didn’t hear from my social media, I’m doing a Makeship campaign! Makeship is a company that produces plushies of characters, vtubers, internet personalities, etc. Ever wanted to own your own plushie of Linkara? Well, you do now! How this works is that we need 200 people to pledge $2 as a down-payment, a commitment to purchase the full plushie at $30 once the campaign is successful (they will be charged upon the successful completion of the campaign, refunds of the $2 given if the campaign isn’t successful). Once those 200 pledges are done, Makeship is committed to making it! For the next three weeks after, you’ll still have a chance to order one but then you’ll get to see the actual plushie and I’ll be promoting it in videos and streams. What you see above is a concept sketch that Viga made of the plushie with me holding a little comic!

So please support this so everyone who wants one can have a tiny version of me to hug or throw against things to their heart’s content!