Hey, everybody! I’m writing this in kind of a hurry, but I felt the need to get out a mini-update. In case you didn’t know, I will be at Youmacon this weekend from October 29th through November 1st! It is in Detroit, Michigan at the Cobo Center and Renaissance Center and you can find more details HERE.

I will of course be selling DVDs, badges, prints, etc. and doing a live show. However, bigger news is that I shall be presenting a workprint version of the Atop the Fourth Wall movie there! What does a workprint mean? Well, basically that it’s about 90% done. Yes, yes, I’ve been pushing for it to be out in late-October, but obviously that’s not going to happen. Sorry, it’s just at this point I’m limited due to time working on other stuff, needing other people to finish their own work (and they have their own lives and I don’t expect them to drop everything for my silly little internet movie). What I’ll be presenting will be incomplete in terms of effects, color correction, music choices, and sound effects, but will otherwise be complete enough that you’ll experience the whole movie, so hopefully you guys will be coming out for it! I’ll try to record the event to have an “audience reaction” commentary for the DVD like the AVGN Movie had, although no guarantees it’ll actually work (doesn’t help that I won’t have the opening and ending credits done in time and I never know how big an audience I’m going to get, since, well, he’s the AVGN and I’m some asshole who reviews comic books).

However, I also want this damn thing DONE WITH. I have other projects to work on, including the final History of Power Rangers until Dino Charge is over. I’m pushing to have the whole thing completed by November 10th, 15th at the latest. Sorry it’s pushing deeper into November than I had planned, but I’m actually going out of town AGAIN the weekend after Youmacon (not for a convention), so I’m limited by what I can do in the intervening time.

I hope everyone’s been enjoying Longbox of the Damned, the Halloween AT4W episodes that had the return of the storyline, and just the general atmospheric spookiness! Halloween and Atop the Fourth Wall are inexorably linked, since the first episode was produced as a special FOR Halloween when up to that point I was only doing text reviews. It’s why I always want a Halloween storyline whenever possible. I love sharing my joy of this holiday wherever I can and this season is starting to close up soon and things are going to get bright and cheerful instead of spoopy and scary. The great thing about Halloween is that, unlike Christmas getting pushed back every year in stores, I don’t think anyone complains about Halloween coming early in September or the like – there’s just something fun about it that people want to have as early and as often as possible. Hell, this year I tried to organize Channel Awesome’s Halloween activities on top of everything else I’ve been doing – I love the holiday THAT much. Whether or not it was successful is up to you, but we made some cool, spooky update videos announcing all the content we put out specifically for it, new bumpers (an idea that everyone seemed to love, so I’m thinking 2016’s Longbox will have a contest for people to submit their own bumpers), an Outer Limits-parody trailer for Halloween on the site… Really my only disappointment with it is that CA didn’t get its colors changed up for the season like I was told would be done, but whatever – I’ve cornered the market on Halloween-themed site redesigns, at least.

While I hope that Longbox of the Damned has become an annual staple of the season for all of you, I want to share a few recommendations for other things you can watch/visit/listen to in order to keep the spirit of the season intact all month, or at least for the few remaining days of Halloween:

I’ve been going to Dinosaur Dracula for the last several years now for its Halloween Countdown thanks to Obscurus Lupa promoting it. The site is of course year round, but it features hilarious and awesome recountings of oddball toys, vending machine items, commercials, promotional artwork, and basically anything fun. During September and October, they begin the Halloween Countdown, with new content coming in all the time that easily puts you in the season. He also introduced the idea that’s taking off to have the Halloween Mood Table – a small table set up somewhere in your home filled with Halloween stuff to help keep you in the mood during this time. The link above is to the post announcing the 2015 Halloween Countdown, where a desiccated, deep-voiced corpse puppet sings “What About Love” by Heart. And I think that’s pretty damn awesome and I think you should check it out.

Not that James Rolfe needs any more fans than the millions he already has, but if you wanted to know the inspiration for Longbox of the Damned, Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness is it. Every day in October you get a short horror movie review from all across the genre and all over the world. Sometimes it’s something campy and goofy, sometimes it’s a classic, but they’re always enjoyable. He’s been doing it for almost ten years now, so definitely check it out if you’ve got a lazy afternoon and want to marathon them all. This year he’s also been doing a few videos that are a bit more vlog in style along with Mike Matei, which is not my favorite style for it, but it might appeal to some of you.

A lot of sites produce Halloween Jukeboxes and playlists this year (even Phelous and Dinosaur Dracula have their own), but the I-Mockery Jack-O-Juke is my favorite. There’s scary music, there’s movie music, there’s just plain goofy music… but they’re all Halloween-themed and it’s a blast to listen to that if you want some Halloween ambience while doing something.

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope you guys have a Happy Halloween! Now I need to get back to work…

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