Soooo I’ve got this problem: I have a few ideas for Longbox of the Damned theme months. I want to do a Godzillathon, I want to do a Twilight Zone marathon, I want to do Rise of the Marvel Zombies…

…but I’ve also got a LOOOOOOT of other horror comics I want to talk about. So many that I can’t see myself taking regular Longbox time during October off to try to do the theme months. I’ve proposed doing a “Midsummer’s Nightmare” of Longbox of the Damned before, but the thing I’ve learned both from last year’s Longbox episodes AND the three I recorded for the DVD is that putting on the makeup and decorating the set and whatnot are time-consuming and difficult to do, especially doing A LOT of them all in a row. As such, I had an inspiration that I wanted to get an opinion on from all of you:

Would you be interested in seeing Longbox of the Damned episodes during the summer with the theme month, but ONLY as voiceover? It can be argued that Moarte wouldn’t rise out of season and he was conducting them from his dark crypt before he rises again. Is that something you would enjoy seeing or would you prefer it be kept to October and DVD episodes where you can actually see him?

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