About a month or two ago there was a direct-to-video DC animated movie called “Under the Red Hood” based on Judd Winick’s Batman story of the same name. A few people have been asking me about this one and, well, actually my brother and I watched it and recorded a Vlog where we gave our thoughts on it as well as another direct-to-video DC animated movie or two. The reason why it’s taken so long for this to come out is because originally it was planned to do it kind of like how Brad Jones does the Bruno Mattei Show, where there are clips of the movie and panels scrolling across to show what we’re talking about. However, because of a whole bunch of stuff happening behind the scenes that you’ll be seeing soon, I never had the time to put it fully together.

Still, we went to the trouble of recording it, so at the very least you guys deserve to see the finished product. Enjoy! Also, hopefully in the next few days I’ll be releasing the panels I recorded at Power Morphicon (with the assistance of KROOOOOZE!, who was also able to record the Bulk and Skull panel for me since I missed it due to my flight arriving at around the same time. Also, Power Morphicon thoughts and other odds and ends under the “Read More” button!


You’ll be seeing some of why it was in the convention videos, though I do apologize that I didn’t get a chance to record any footage of me just interacting with peeps or walking around – because there was a lot of stress and worry during the convention itself, basically any time we weren’t recording anything, Kroze and I sat at a table and relaxed, talked with some awesome fans, and generally just enjoyed ourselves.

I got a few more morphers that were missing from my collection, though sadly my search for a Turbo Morpher, Astro Morpher, Quantum Morpher, and Titanium Morpher continue on.

I met a lot of fantastic actors and crew from the show, including the sweetest sweetheart ever to walk the earth – Erin Cahill, AKA Jen from Time Force. She and Jason Faunt (Wes and Alex) had never been to a convention before and were having an absolute blast. They both signed the Chrono Morpher I had (Erin was especially gleeful about seeing it, since she had only seen one other one the day before and otherwise hadn’t seen them since her days on the show and she even tried it on!).

While I sadly never got to meet Paul Schrier (Bulk), I did get to talk to Jason Narvy (Skull) after Kroze recorded an interview with him and he even played with my hat! While I don’t think he’s ever actually watched any of History of Power Rangers, he did say that he believes that he’s seen this blog before while he was working on his own webspace, so that was quite a rush for me.

Speaking of, I was also honored to talk with Tony Oliver, one of the original writers of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as well as a writer on the upcoming 2011 season (no, he didn’t have any details on the new show to give). He HAS watched some of the History videos and said that I reminded him of a lot of stuff he had forgotten about those years. So, yeah, major squee moments for me.

There were fantastic cosplayers all around, including an original Megazord, a Finster, a green ninja ranger, and just SO much more. Sadly I don’t really have any photos, having only my camcorder with me. However, you can check THIS THREAD to see some of the many actors who were there as well as links to other photo albums that contain cosplayers and the like who were at the Con.

Sadly, there were quite a few I never got a chance to meet. The aforementioned Paul Schrier of course, but also Jason David Frank (Tommy) sadly always had a line and a crowd of people surrounding him. I really wanted to meet Amy Rolle (Trakeena) or the other two Lost Galaxy alumni, but sadly they also always seemed to have a line, too. I did get to talk to Ron Wasserman as well as recording his panel, which illuminates some of the behind-the-scenes music stuff from the early years of the show and why his theme was never used for Mystic Force and other legal matters (some of this is stuff I’ve heard, some of it not).

The panels were a ton of fun and the guests always seemed to be having a good time, though there was the occasional dumb question by fans, but usually the guests were quick on their feet and knew how to handle things.

Oh, and that reminds me: YES, I HAVE SEEN THE DAVID YOST INTERVIEW. I have no opinion on it other than “Yay, we finally have some solid answers on why he left the show.” He did not name names about who made the derogatory and demeaning comments towards him and as such I don’t feel like speculating. While I will not be making some video response or mentioning it in the next History video, it will probably be added to the list for a video I’ll do once I finish the Power Rangers RPM videos are complete: a list of corrections and addendums that fix errors that I made or misconceptions I had or just things that have since been corrected for me.

Subsequently, some other answers to questions that many have asked me:
-While I have no solid plans for what I’ll do after History of Power Rangers is “complete,” I’m currently thinking that I might do a similar retrospective on Power Rangers-esque shows, like Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, and Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills (why yes, that is a real series).
-History of Power Rangers will NOT end with RPM – it will extend for as long as the new series lasts, but it does mean videos will come out EVEN SLOWER, since obviously I can’t do a video on a series that is not complete.
-I have no plans, nor do I think I will EVER have plans to do a History of Doctor Who. Such an undertaking is FAR beyond my capabilities at the moment. For starters, unlike Power Rangers, where I can look at it season-by-season and examine overall story arcs and characters, Doctor Who has almost 50 YEARS of material, including episodes that no longer exist, changing premises for how the TARDIS, the Doctor, or even how the universe works, and just an entirely different approach for how to look at it. While it’s certainly a fascinating idea, at the moment I don’t really think I could do it justice. Maybe somewhere down the road, but certainly not now and most probably not when History of Power Rangers “ends.”

In other news, the march towards episode 100 of Atop the Fourth Wall begins! Begin speculating on what I’ll be reviewing at your own leisure!

Oh, and Bandai was there with the Rangers who were at San Diego Comic Con.


Why yes, I AM a complete and utter dork.

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