Sooo, yeah, many people may have noticed that my youtube channel is gone, removed without warning, strikes, or explanation. The best they sent was that I had “violated youtube guidelines which prohibit spam, scams, or commercially deceptive content.” Best guesses at this point is either a glitch in the system, false flags by trolls, or someone at youtube took me seriously when I continually joked that I was the greatest scammer ever by giving people what they actually paid for. But most likely just a glitch.

As it happens, there is currently no actual explanation. This has happened to other channels before, most notably I Hate Everything, who came up with a solution or two that MIGHT work, but for now Screenwave is contacting youtube to try to have this all sorted out. They apparently have had luck with this sort of thing before and HOPEFULLY everything will be back to normal soon (and of course this happened at the start of the weekend, so it’s possible we won’t get this sorted until at least Monday, but we’ll see).

In the meantime, all the Screenwave embeds SHOULD be functional if you want to watch old material. I am also finally setting up a account and I am proceeding with work on the next episode. I’ll try to keep people updated on this as best as I can and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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