Upcoming Episodes

Yeah, I know I’m a bit late on this one, but after last period where I kept switching around what ones I was going to do, I went back at my planned schedule and wanted to make sure I would be reviewing stuff that’d be as entertaining as possible. However, the list is ready now, so enjoy and start speculating!

7/5 – Ewoks #9
7/12 –Cable #2
7/19 – The California Raisins 3-D #2
7/26 – Hardcore Station #1
8/2 – The Others #1
8/9 –PSA Hell: The Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice #1
8/16 –Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
8/23 – Action Comics #592
8/30 – Action Comics #593
9/6 – Top 15 Comics I’ll Never Review
9/13 – 100th Episode
9/20 – PSA Hell: Nolan Ryan #1
9/27 – Transformers #4-5

100th Episode
Yeah, the That Guy With The Glasses Wikia was NOT an accurate count of episodes, since it included special videos that aren’t official episodes, incuding the Warrior reviews, the Theme Song Contest stuff, Vlogs, the April Fools episode, etc., etc. Chain Gang War #1 was the 89th episode and I DO have plans for the 100th episode, I’m just not telling you what they are. ^_~

Feel free to speculate about what it is I’ll be doing as well as anything else on the list! Though of course I still might swap some out if I end up changing my mind, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this list.

Convention Stuff
I can confirm that I will indeed be attending Daisho Con in Wisconsin this November! Check ’em out HERE!

As for other conventions, I have no other news, but I am working on a couple of things, including Youmacon and an August convention.

I am more than likely NOT going to be at San Diego Comic Con. The thing to remember about these conventions is that because of my schedule and for business reasons, I can really only go to conventions if I’m invited as a Guest. It’s not an ego thing, it’s just it’s a big hassle to go out to a convention unless it’s worth my time. XD

So if you want me to go to a convention, appeal to them asking to invite me!

Iron Liz’s Foundry
If you want to see more of Iron Liz’s stuff, check out the Pen and Paper RPG reviews that Liz has done over at Her Website!

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