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NOTE: Previously labeled as a State of the Wall post.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
10/3 – A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid #1
10/10 – A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid #2
10/17 – A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid #3
10/24 – Spider-Man: Cyberwar
10/31 – Special Halloween Episode
11/7 – Strange Tales #110
11/14 – More Fun Comics #73
11/21 – Tales of Suspense #57
11/28 – All-Star Comics #3

As always, the schedule is subject to change on a whim due to any number of reasons, although this one seems like a virtual certainty at this point. I’ll of course keep everyone appraised of any changes to the schedule via my social media accounts and this site.

As I have stated before, it was originally planned for the storyline to end on Halloween, but that sadly is no longer feasible. The current plan is for it to end in February, though even that seems difficult given the amount of things that still are going to happen in the planned storyline. Still, the bottom line is that it will end in 2017, technically making this the longest storyline to date since it really kicked off in October 2015, even if there was a huge gap between that point and when the storyline resumed this year. As a result, I am going to have a storyline during the Halloween season that, while mostly self-contained, will contain bits that will continue things. And of course telling you what I’m going to do for Halloween would spoil the fun, but needless to say that while the last time I had a review on Halloween it didn’t end up premiering until late in the evening, I plan for things to go a lot better this time. I’ve even gotten started on that review early and I’m hoping you like it!

Longbox of the Damned
Once again Longbox of the Damned will be bringing daily videos of horror comics from your favorite horror host Moarte! Sadly, youtube does not allow me to let people view scheduled videos in advance (listing them as private), so the only way to honor the $2+ Patreon promise of letting people see them a day early is to keep them unlisted as opposed to scheduled. I intend to keep to the 7 AM release time on itself, though of course with my own erratic sleep schedule, it’s entirely likely that the videos will be Unlisted until I can wake up and officially release them. They ARE, however, otherwise viewable and not locked. We are caught up on Longbox of the Damned, so everything will be going public from now on at the appropriate time. I hope you guys enjoy this batch, because I’ve been having fun writing these, as usual!

History of Power Rangers
The ContentID claims on History of Power Rangers on youtube will fortunately be gone soon enough (the first two having already been dealt with), so things will be stabilizing soon on that front. Obviously, everything else going on in my life including those claims have cooled my enthusiasm for doing new edited versions of HOPR, but I will hopefully get back on track with them come November. That being said, they ARE a low priority despite how popular they are. What I can say is that both Zeo and Turbo are getting rewrites, with Zeo in particular covering a lot I didn’t mention in the original video (including Tommy’s brother storyarc, updated information that I didn’t have at the time, and the Zeo Serial), so it’ll probably be expanded to two videos much like how Season 3 of Mighty Morphin’ was. As always, no release dates on these since they’re just revised versions of older content.

That being said, no release date for Dino Charge either. My issue there is that while Dino Charge is coming ever closer to its own ending for its second season, I also need to get footage for it from an official source, AKA a DVD, which unfortunately we don’t have much released at this time. Rest assured I WILL be covering Dino Charge once everything is released and hopefully it won’t be as long or as labor intensive as Megaforce ended up being. I have no particular thoughts about the movie at this time, mostly because all we have are how things look and some casting choices… which are even less useful for me to comment on since I don’t tend to follow TV and movies as much as others (unless it’s a franchise I enjoy), so certain casting announcements leave me with a shrug since I’m only so familiar with their work. Promo pictures for how things look are always going to be different from still frames than they are in motion. So yeah, nothing to comment on at this time and unless it’s set in the same universe as the TV shows, it won’t get a History of Power Rangers treatment.

Let’s Play Pokémon Omicron
The last Pokémon Omicron stream was pretty dang successful! While I’m still separating everything out into episodes, two have been released recently (which you can watch HERE) and I’ll probably run out of footage again eventually. As such, I’m scheduling another stream! October is right out with Longbox and AT4W’s Halloween storyline, but I have it scheduled for 7 PM Central Time on November 14th! I do apologize for any viewers who have to miss it due to being international or having to work… but I can only accommodate myself for this kind of thing. Another reason for keeping up with these scheduled streams is just that I want to do other gaming-based content (more Let’s Plays mostly) and Omicron is what’s holding me back – I don’t want to start a Let’s Play right when I’m in the middle of another. Fortunately, Omicron is either at the halfway point or nearing a conclusion depending on who you ask (probably due to post-Elite 4 content, but we’ll see how that goes). So whichever the case, a lot of progress HAS been made despite the big gaps in it.

Youtube Reuploads
We are now officially caught up on Atop the Fourth Wall reuploads! The only thing that I DO need to fix is the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home review – there have been some ContentID claims on it that I don’t find valid, but part of it is my own fault for screwing one or two things up, so I need to correct that as soon as possible. Otherwise, the daily reruns and whatnot are officially over and new content will be released simultaneously with it on the site! The only exception there is when I’m out of town and I post a video up early, as mentioned above with Longbox, but it should be released on that Monday regardless.

There is still more to upload, though. A lot of live shows are not up on youtube yet, and I do want to get caught up on other stuff on youtube (HOPR, the Southland Tales crossover, etc.). Some content I just don’t feel like it NEEDS to be there, like the old Comics in 5 Panels videos, but I’d like to get as much on there as I can for the content I DO want to promote.

I do apologize for being a bit slow in my responses to certain Patreon stuff, like sending out DVDs and the like. It’s just been hectic around here with the move, but hopefully things will have stabilized again in October. That being said, I HAVE finally altered the description in this reward, but it needs to be clarified here:
For the $20 Patreon reward where you get a DVD and a badge? The movie and compilation DVDs are NOT eligible for that reward. Simply put, Screenwave controls the supply of those and while I can ask for them to be sent to me for convention purposes, it’s difficult to keep them in stock (the movie in particular). Existing patrons who asked for them before I altered the reward text will get their’s when the next shipment gets to me, but from now on? I’m sorry, but no. The compilation is especially not eligible since it’s three DVDs’ worth of material.

That being said, I am contemplating NOT having Screenwave do Volume 3 of the DVD if only because I’d like to control the supply, but I have nothing set in stone at this time. I had hoped to have that DVD out for Christmas, but that’s unlikely to happen now, especially with everything else I have to take care of. Rest assured I AM working on them and have put together a short list of content that I’ll use for it.

I apologize to Patreon riff reward recipients. I’m still looooong overdue on those and I hope to start getting caught up with them in the near future. I’m also still looking for ideas for how to increase Patreon funds, if only because we’ve been stagnant for the last year or so and I think we can do better.

Youmacon – I shall be attending Youmacon again! It’s in Detroit, MI at the Cobo Hall and Renaissance Center on November 3rd through 6th and you should come on out since I always have a good time and I know you will, too!

That’s it for now! Any questions/comments/concerns/etc.? Please let me know!

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