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Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
4/5 – Star Trek (Gold Key) #9
4/12 – PATREON: Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes
4/19 – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1
4/26 – PATREON: MILLER TIME: The Dark Knight Returns
5/3 – Late Night Double Feature
5/10 – Ultimate Power #7
5/17 – PATREON: Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4
5/24 – Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Aquaman
5/31 – PATREON: Sword Interval: Flashback Arc
6/7 – PSA Hell: The Amazing Spider-Man: Riot at Robotworld
6/14 – PATREON: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Cut)
6/21 – PATREON: Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron
6/28 – New Guardians #4
7/5 – Codename: Ninja #1
7/12 – PATREON: Batman #608-619: Hush
7/19 – PATREON: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episodes 15-16
7/26 – Mr. T and the T-Force #6

As always, the list of upcoming episodes is tentative and can change for any reason whatsoever, though Patreon-sponsored episodes are usually locked in. The only exception there is the Batman v. Superman review because of the length of the movie – I may decide to revert to the theatrical cut if the review seems like it’s going too long.

Title Cards
Sadly I must announce that Dr. Crafty, who has been my title card artist since all the way back in the Secret Defenders #10 review in 2009, has decided to leave that role to focus on his own Youtube channel and other artwork. He’ll continue to be the voice of Pollo and do the occasional shirt or other artwork, but his last episode as the regular title card artist will be the upcoming Dark Knight Returns review. The current plan is for Viga to take over the cards the following week with the Late Night Double Feature episode at the beginning of May.

I want to wish Dr. Crafty all the best on his channel (which you can check out HERE!) and thank him for his efforts over the last 12 years! He’s done an amazing job keeping up with this for so long, sometimes having to come up with something amusing on a very short deadline or with little to no info on the books I was talking about. He’s referenced stuff that I’ve never heard of before or made connections that got people to check out the videos and for that I can’t thank him enough. If I had to pick a favorite title card, it’d probably be the 15 Things Wrong With Identity Crisis card, parodying the cover featuring the garb of various heroes hung up in a white void that he did with my own set of characters.

Thanks for your work, man, and I hope everyone enjoys Viga’s work on the title cards as she starts on them!

History of Power Rangers
Power Rangers Beast Morphers: 7/29 (Tentatively)

If you’re wondering why the Beast Morphers videos will come out so late from now, it’s pretty simple: History of Power Rangers takes a TON of work, not the least of which being having to watch the show in a big chunk all at once (I have seen NOTHING of Beast Morphers currently). Based on the schedule of Atop the Fourth Wall episodes above, you can see that we’ve got a lot coming up that I’m going to need to put my main attention on that’ll be more intensive episodes and late July is the best spot where the episodes won’t be AS intense as others.

All of the Youtube versions of History of Power Rangers Megaforce have been restored! We’ll see how long that lasts, but the latest round of edits forced me to get a copyright strike for Part 3, but the Counter Notification succeeded and it’s up again. Hopefully it’ll be a few years before I have to upload them again.

I certainly WANT to work on more new versions of them, it’s just difficult to find the time to do them these days. It’ll happen, it’s just I ask for patience, especially when I’m still struggling with the ones that HAVE been reedited… and now require ANOTHER reedit due to the changes in ContentID from the last few years. Otherwise, as always, the rest of HOPR is viewable thanks to being hosted on Vimeo.

Come hell or high water, we’re finishing this damn storyline this year. Contest of the Champions was supposed to be a fun breather arc for the show, but thanks to the pandemic and a few other factors, it’s now taken longer than the Sleepwalker to resolve. I want it done and over with and I’ve got other stuff I want to do. Some of my plans for it have had to change, but rest assured: I’m getting this thing done with so we can move on already.

DVD Volume 4
One of the goals for this year is to get another DVD out! I have no solid timeframe of when it’ll be out, but I’m guessing closer to the end of the year depending on how long it takes to edit the additional content. Current plan is for two Atop the Fourth Walls, a bunch of Longboxes, maybe a riff or two, but definitely putting on a Late Night Double Feature on there with some public domain horror movies looked at.

Since I have the digital distribution option available now to download the files via Vimeo, volume 4 will also be available there upon release.

Patreon Updates
Nothing much to report on the Patreon front. If you’re not aware, we have the $1 patron pledge that will give you access to the Atop the Fourth Wall Discord channel, where you can talk with me and other fans of the show on the various things I’m working on (just follow the instructions on how to get access to the rest of the channels upon joining, it’s really easy).

Patreon review requests are now closed after this month until September. The system has been working really well the last couple years – being open for a few months and then closing again so the requests don’t dip into October-December and I don’t see a reason to change it.

Still, I’m always open for suggestions on new tiers and whatnot that can be offered for anyone interested in helping the show’s Patreon grow.

Only other bit of news – next year will be an Event Comics Month year! In September, we’ll have the Patreon vote for what event comics get covered (available to all levels) so feel free to get ready for that when it comes around.

Saturday Night livestreams continue! While we’ve had some occasional times where we’ve had to push them into Sunday, we’ve gone through a ton of games that I really need to start putting up here. To make it easier, I’m going to just start posting the  playlist embed code as opposed to individual ones for each stream. I’m far behind on it as it is, but they WILL get posted up as soon as possible. At the time of this posting, we’re doing a playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, so feel free to stop by during the streams and say hi or just enjoy the VODs as they’re released!

We are still in a pandemic. While most conventions have wisely chosen to still remain closed this summer as we wait for more vaccinations and more cases to die off to safe levels, some have begun occurring again, and still others are making plans for a few to happen closer to the end of the year when things MIGHT start being back to safe. One of those of the latter is Too Many Games, which I had planned to go to last year. They’re currently planning on holding the con in early October assuming things are back to normal, but a decision hasn’t been made yet if I will be going. I WILL be vaccinated by then (I’ve gotten the first injection of the Pfizer vaccine), but it’s up to the convention organizers whether I’ll be one of the people coming. I don’t take offense if they decide not to bring me – I’m a mid-tier Youtuber at best and not as big a draw as James Rolfe or Pat Contri or the like. We’ll see how things go as we get closer.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Let me know what you guys think of what’s coming up!

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