Sorry about the lateness of this one! It’s been a rough last two weeks, filled with personal stuff and massive projects like Event Comics Month. But for now, enjoy the update on what’s going on with the site, upcoming episodes, and other stuff!

List of Upcoming Episodes
4/2 – Power Rangers Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix #1
4/9 – PATREON: Diesel #1
4/16 – PATREON: Teen Titans: “Betrayal” and “Aftershock, Parts 1 and 2”
4/23 – PATREON: The Punisher: Purgatory
4/30 – Comic Book Quickies #8
5/7 – 500th Episode
5/14 – MILLER TIME: Dark Knight III: Master Race #1-2
5/21 – Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Green Lantern
5/28 – New Guardians #3

As usual, I reserve the right to alter the schedule for any number of reasons, but like before, chances are good that this is all pretty locked-in.

The Road to 500
Well, here we go! The 500th episode is going to be on May 7th. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m still finalizing plans for stuff to do during the livestream. At the very least there will be games – definitely the finale to Pokémon Omicron (the streams, anyway, we’re reeeaaally far behind on episodes). I’ve considered doing some Jackbox games, I’m writing up some new “Insights” and maybe get some testimonials from people for the whole thing and I’ll pick some good episodes of that and Longbox of the Damned to show off during it. I’m curious to hear if people would prefer it be streamed on youtube or twitch… or, if I can pull it off, both.

Channel Awesome Departure
So in case you hadn’t heard, I recently left Channel Awesome. The full statement is available HERE. Not much else to say beyond that other than thanks for your continued support and as a reminder, please do not question or harass anyone who remains on the site – they have their own reasons for doing so and that should be respected.

If you missed it, the Google Doc listing out the specific grievances many former produces have with Channel Awesome’s management can be read HERE.

Video Restoration Progress
So in the wake of the loss of the other video hosts, a lot of older videos got lost along the way – not just major stuff like History of Power Rangers, but older trailers, vlogs, miscellaneous videos, etc. I’m happy to report that I’ve begun going through a bunch of older videos and doing minor edits to make them appropriate for youtube and reuploading. It’s not a huge amount so far, but all previous trailers that I’ve made – the old 2009 and 2010 trailers, the Longbox/October trailers of past years, and all past April Fools’ Day videos have been reuploaded, which would include Mobile Suit Gundabridged and the History of Power Rangers episode on the reversioned season of Mighty Morphin’. Next up will likely be a bunch of old movie vlogs. The Southland Tales crossover will also be reuploaded at some point – it just requires more extensive re-editing.

Countdown Re-Edit?
On the subject of re-editing, while working on the Final Crisis review I discovered that I actually still have the raw footage for some of the original Countdown videos. I’m curious to know if people would be interested in a bit of a re-edit, at the very least for Part 1 where the video quality of the comic scans isn’t great due to my inexperience with Adobe Premiere at the time. I’d likely also punch things up a bit by removing breaths and tightening the cuts from voiceover to live action.

History of Power Rangers
Obviously I’ve fallen behind on the re-edits. Sorry about that, but a loooot of other things have taken priority, namely Event Comics Month. I should also clarify a few points since I get these questions a lot:
-Yes, there will be a Ninja Steel History of Power Rangers. The show has not stopped, so neither will History of Power Rangers. The series is not done yet and it’s not out on DVD. I have not watched a single bit of it. No spoilers, please.
-No, I will not be doing a History of Power Rangers on the Boom Studios comics. History of Power Rangers is for the TV series only.
-Yes, I have seen the Shattered Grid trailer. It’s awesome. You should go check it out, yourselves if you haven’t.
-No, there will not be a History of Power Rangers on the livestream tabletop RPG show Power Rangers: Hyperforce. As I said, it’s for TV shows only. While people have said it’s in-continuity, I have not seen any articles or press releases that have stated that. And even then, it is still ongoing and I’m not even sure how I could cover something like that when most of the footage is people sitting in chairs.

It’s entirely possible I’ll change my mind about covering Hyperforce or the like, but for now that’s my policy. Sadly I haven’t watched any of Hyperforce. I only have so much time to consume content and there’s a lot else I’m interested in. I’ll probably get into it eventually, though.

Longbox of the Damned
Right now, I AM planning on having a Midsummer’s Nightmare this year for Longbox of the Damned. The current plan, due to everything else going on, is for it to be 4 weekly videos in either June or July and covering a few comics under a specific theme with a different host. That theme will be announced closer to the date (assuming I manage to go through with it). I’m doing such a smaller amount for it this year because of the heavy workload of the storyline, the 10th anniversary, conventions, and basically just everything else going on this year. More details hopefully to come once we’re closer!

Animinneapolis – I will once again be attending Animinneapolis on May 25-27 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN! This has become a regular thing for me since it’s local and I hope to see people there!
Anime Midwest – I shall once again be going to Anime Midwest on July 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL! This one’s also a regular one for me, but it’s definitely a lot of fun and the area is full of great places to see and eat at and the hotel itself is pretty dang cool!
Too Many Games – I’ll be coming back to Too Many Games this year on June 22-24 at the Greater Philadelpha Expo Center in Oaks, PA! I sat out last year but I’ll be back again this time with plenty of copies of the AT4W Movie and the Compilation DVD, so definitely come out and take a look!
Power Morphicon – As indicated in the Power Rangers Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix review, I will be returning to Power Morphicon this summer! I was last there in 2010 when I had nothing to really show for it other than some minor name value for having done History of Power Rangers, but this time around I should have a live show and get to hang out with some other Power Rangers-related youtubers. Power Morphicon is on August 17-19 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA! And as a reminder for that one, if you can’t attend to get the exclusive Lord Drakkon figure, you can purchase a non-attending badge and have it shipped to you!

That’s all we’ve got this time around! Thank you all for your patience and continued support!

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