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Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
3/9 – PATREON: Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
3/16 – PATREON: Champions, vol. 3 #1-4: Beat the Devil
3/23 – PATREON: Star Trek vs. Transformers
3/30 – Athena #4
4/6 – PATREON: MILLER TIME: Daredevil: Born Again
4/13 – PATREON: Superman #775: What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?
4/20 – Comic Book Quickies #10
4/27 – 600th Episode
Star Wars Prequel Month
5/4 – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Comic Adaptation
5/11 – Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Comic Adaptation
5/18 – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Comic Adaptation
5/25 – Star Wars: Rogue One Comic Adaptation

As always, the schedule is subject to change for any reason (particularly medical issues that crop up), though the Patreon episodes are usually a sure bet that they’ll be coming up around the scheduled day.

If you’re wondering why we’ve got three months’ worth of upcoming episodes, it’s tied into the fact that State of the Wall posts have becoming more infrequent and late: namely that there isn’t much to talk about. I don’t like putting out State of the Wall posts when I have nothing going on BUT the upcoming episode lists, so here, to sate the fact that it’s late and I doubt I’ll have much to put out, enjoy an early peek at stuff coming up in April and May.

History of Power Rangers
Nothing really to report here. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work on the Lost Galaxy re-release lately, but I’m hoping to get started on it soon as I keep the scheduling on time. In case you didn’t know, the reason why I’ve been able to finally get a lot of side projects done and released as of late is because of keeping to the schedule – the beginning of the week I can devote to working on side material while later on I release the scheduled episodes. 

Lost Galaxy will happen. They will ALL happen, but it’s not the next important thing for me when I’ve got other things on my plate. By that same token, as a reminder, a video on Beast Morphers is not going to happen until the whole series is out on DVD.

In related news, Samuel Benta – who played Will on Operation Overdrive – has finally given his account of what happened with the stolen banner at Power Morphicon 13 years ago. I had mentioned in the Overdrive videos that he had stolen it. This was backed up by Toku news sites reporting that he had done so. In a video, he has given his side and stated that he had not intended to steal it, but take it to the Green Room to get other Power Rangers cast members to sign it, he turned his back for a moment, and it was gone, stolen by someone else. He has explained his reasoning why he has been silent on it for so long and you can view the full video yourself HERE if you’d like to see for yourselves.

Some have asked if I intend to make an addendum or update to the Overdrive video now that he denies the claim. After much consideration, I have decided not to. The thing is, by his own admission… he still took it without permission. Power Morphicon staffers have spoken up and stated that he was not asked to do so, some even saying that the banner already had signatures on it so they don’t know what he intended to do with it, but even then once he took it and lost it, he is still culpable in losing something that was intended for charity because he took it without permission. Regardless of intention (whether malicious, like originally believed [apparently over supposedly feeling he was not compensated sufficiently for his appearance at Morphicon]) or through good intentions, he still took something he should not have and through that action losing money for charity.

The same Morphicon staffers do not believe him, in turn pointing out that on Rangerboard, a popular fan forum for many years (and full disclosure, I am on), he outright stated that he stole it at the time and had no intention of returning it. I have not had enough time in my life to dig through EVERY archived forum post related to Power Morphicon in an attempt to find that, but so far I haven’t seen anyone else locate those posts, either, so it’s entirely possible that people are misremembering or lying, in turn. 13 years is a long time and memories can change, information can be lost, etc. I should also note that waiting 13 years to finally address it is not necessarily evidence of wrongdoing. Bad advice from a public relations person, thinking the incident was not as big as believed, or just worry about being publicly tarred and feathered over the mistake and wanting to put the show behind them are all valid reasons why someone might not decide to speak up. Some have said they have attempted to get his side of it before and received no response on the subject, which could also be concern about perception even for his position.

You are free to believe what you wish, hence why I shared the video, but I do not personally believe this version of events and, by his own admission, he is still guilty of taking it without permission. I may upload a new version of the videos mentioning it in the future excising it, but mostly because as time has gone on I have felt less of a desire to bring the personal lives of the actors into the videos – either because of mistakes I have made or because it’s not actually relevant to the material at hand (for instance, my joke about Cole’s actor not being present in Megaforce was NOT a reference to him stabbing his roommate [look it up if you don’t know what I’m referring to], but rather how the actor had been in the previous season) and because ContentID has forced some of the videos to be blocked, anyway, so they already require re-editing.

Patreon Review Requests Temporarily Closing in April
As per the new system, at the beginning of April the Patreon review request slots will be closed again until September. If you’re not aware, this system is to ensure that review requests do not spill into October through December, which are locked into Halloween, Secret Origins Month, and Christmas content during that time. 

And as a reminder, Patreon Review Requests are a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no set time when people vacate the spots. It usually happens within the first few days of a new month, but that is no guarantee. There has also been a problem as of late where the slot APPEARS open and people adjust their pledge to $50 to try to obtain the slot, but of course fail. Please be careful when this happens and be aware that if it does, I am happy to send a refund your way for it.

New Show in September
This September, I’m going to be taking a week off from Atop the Fourth Wall to premiere a pilot episode for a new show! There’s no guarantee that you guys will like it or want me to keep doing it, but I’ve been kind of enthusiastic about it for a bit and wanted to try something new. If it gets enough support from people who want me to keep doing it, I shall, probably in the form of taking a week off from Atop the Fourth Wall occasionally to do it. I have no intention of ever stopping Atop the Fourth Wall, I love it and comics too much to do so, but having an occasional different show with a slightly different format might be fun for people. All I will say for now is it’s horror movie themed and still review-based.

SpringCon maybe?: I have applied to have a table at MSP SpringCon, located in the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, on May 16-17. I have not gotten confirmation yet if this will actually happen, but I have made the application and should hopefully know by March 15th if I get it. If I do, I will update this space accordingly.

Too Many Games: While I have not officially been announced yet, I have been confirmed to be a guest at Too Many Games this year at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania on June 26-28! I will likely be doing a few panels there as well as be at a table with all the goodies you may want to buy or have signed by me, so please come by!

CONvergence: I WILL be tabling at CONVergence at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis on August 20-23! While I have no panels scheduled at this time, I will update if that should change, but I will be there selling DVDs, shirts, etc., etc., so feel free to drop by and say hi!

We have some new T-Shirt stuff happening! First and foremost, as you are probably aware, the Shark Robot store made the glow-in-the-dark Longbox of the Damned Logo tee into a permanent item, so feel free to grab one of those HERE

I’ve also set up a Teespring! The account for that is linked to youtube, so if you watch the videos over on youtube, you can see a few of the wares available there (including some that have been made into pillows, posters, or stickers), but I took the liberty of basically uploading as many old t-shirt designs as I could as well as a few new ones that I’ve been holding onto for a bit! As such, go over and check out the Teespring store HERE!

Discord Chat 
In case you missed it last time, we have a new tier on the Patreon for $1+ patrons! This gives you access to the official Atop the Fourth Wall Discord server! Head on over to the Patreon HERE and select a new tier, including the $1 tier which grants access to the Discord! All other tiers also have access to it, just feel free to check the pinned post for the link to the Discord itself! Come on in and chat with other fans of the show!

That’s it for now! Thanks for your patience on this one!

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