Check behind the cut to see what’s coming up for the show and various other projects!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
2/4 – PATREON: Tomb Raider: Queen of Serpents
2/11 – PATREON: Little Victory: Chimera #1
2/18 – Youngblood #0
2/25 – Kickers, Inc. #1
3/4 – Savage Dragon #1
3/11 – PATREON: Darkwing Duck #1-4
3/18 – California Raisins 3-D #5
3/25 – PATREON: Hellstar Remina, Ch. 1-3

As always, the schedule is subject to change due to any number of factors, but it’s likely the Patreon-sponsored episodes are locked in.

And don’t forget to check out the Blockbuster Buster’s 300th episode, where he, Obscurus Lupa, and I do a crossover on Justice League! View it HERE!

History of Power Rangers
We now have a release date for History of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel!
05/24 – Ninja Steel

The plan is for $2+ patrons to see them a day early (though historically we’ve had some problems with getting ALL parts out due to the workload). There may be ContentID issues as I try to deal with the continual problems with youtube’s revised ContentID system to the point where I may work on them substantially earlier and just have them waiting in the wings for release, but I make no promises there due to my regular workload.

On that note, I’m working on making yet another round of revisions to the History of Power Rangers videos that have been claimed. The old policy was to wait a month without any ContentID issues before releasing them again, but as happened with Turbo Part 2 when I rereleased it, it suddenly had new issues crop up. These ones all still have their original project files, so I’m trying to adjust accordingly… though it’s not easy, since a lot of these were also large projects which had sections that have been difficult at best to adjust after the fact in general and may result in a ton of still shots. I want to clean house there before I try to work on any new revised versions.

That being said, I am going to resume work on the In Space revised edition and just cutting the musical segment. Screw it, it’s not 2010 anymore and I can’t just use music like that and it’s taken a ridiculous amount of time to try to keep one damn section that is still viewable on the Vimeo page, anyway. So yeah, the original version of the video will remain up on the site page, though if it gets taken down at some point I’m not going to try to save it. Time to move on.

Weekly Livestreams
In case you were unaware, I have been doing weekly livestreams on my youtube channel for several months now! They are ALWAYS on Saturdays at 8 PM Central time on the youtube channel itself. The only exceptions have been when there is a major holiday or if there is some event where I am unable to do them on Saturdays. In which case, please look out on my social media (in particular Twitter) to see announcements about livestreams.

At the time of this writing, we’re coming close to the end of our Randomized Nuzlocke of Pokémon White. We’ll be taking a break from Pokémon for a bit and try a couple other things in between – in particular having me FINALLY play a Zelda game! That’s right, despite my username being derived from the series, I basically know nothing about Legend of Zelda and have never played a single one of the games, so I’m looking forward to finally giving them a shot. I am limited by what I can do since I don’t currently have a way to stream material from a console through my computer, so anything from the DS era and back is on the table.

So come on out to a stream, ask questions, check out our fumbling through the games we play, and basically just have a good time!

Longbox of the Damned
I’m thinking that much like two years ago, we’re likely going to skip over the Midsummer’s Nightmare for this year. I think last year’s idea with the Godzillathon limiting the episodes to a weekly thing for a month worked, but with History of Power Rangers and several conventions coming up this summer (along with a Secret Project), my workload’s going to be pretty full this year and it’s probably best to leave it for next year. I do have an idea for it and I intend to move forward on it in 2020, but for this year let’s just stick to the regular videos in October.

Slots for Patreon-sponsored episodes will be closing again come April. Like with last year, it will be a temporary closing and will reopen again in September. The reason for this is that due to two coming theme months in a row this year (including the Cassandra Cain retrospective), if I kept them open any longer they’d either encroach on October’s episodes or get pushed into the next year entirely and I feel people shouldn’t have to wait that long for the episodes they paid for. If you can’t get the slots… sorry, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. It’s first-come, first-serve and as long as you haven’t made a request within a year you can nab it. THAT policy might change if some people manage to dominate it more than others (which HAS happened before. Some people have been quick enough to get 2-3 episode requests in previous years), but for now it seems to be working fine and we’ve had plenty of different stuff in there.

As I explained in the Phineas and Ferb episode requests for movie and TV show reviews may end up getting stopped depending on how rigorous ContentID gets in the future. So far, the latest two episodes have been perfectly fine and I successfully defeated a ContentID claim on the Teen Titans animated series review without incident. I will of course make a more public announcement on the site and on Patreon if that ends up changing.

Secret Project
Those of you who follow my Twitter know that I have been working on a hashtag-SecretProject for some time now. While we’re still not ready to announce what it is yet, I suggest you keep an eye out here in the next couple months because if everything goes to plan, I should be able to make an announcement trailer for it. It is NOT the Longbox of the Damned Movie that I have been teasing for a while – we’re getting close to finishing up some script stuff there and we’ll start moving forward with that when we can. I can also tell you I’m directing and editing the Secret Project and that I think a lot of people will love it.


No Brand Con  – I will be guesting at No Brand Con on March 29-31st in the Wisconsin Dells! Come on out and meet me there, where I will have merch, do a live show, all that jazz!

There will be other announcements hopefully soon, but that’s the one that’s the closest to now.

Feel free to give any comments or thoughts on all this as you like!

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