Click to read what’s coming up – including Event Comics Month 4, a new Secret Project happening, taking a month off from AT4W to work on History of Power Rangers (and why HOPR is no longer on Vimeo)!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
11/8 – Detective Comics #359
11/15 – The X-Men #4
11/22 – Batman #1
11/29 – LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE: Exorcist Prequel Night
12/6 – Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995
12/13 – The Adventures of Chrissie Claus #1
12/20 – Sleigher: The Heavy Metal Santa Claus
12/27 – Still Another 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W
1/3 – Ultimate Power #9
1/10 – PATREON: Adventures of Superboy 3×05-06: Roads Not Taken & 4×07-08: Know Thine Enemy
1/17 – PATREON: Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Adaptation
1/24 – Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the JLA
2/7 – Week off to restore ContentID-claimed videos (HOPR, a few AT4W, etc.)
2/14 – PATREON: Chew #1, #12, #18, and Secret Agent Poyo One-Shot
2/21 – Youngblood: Strikefile #3
2/28 – Patreon Viewers’ Choice Week
Event Comics Month IV: Secret Metal Armageddon II
3/7 – Armageddon 2001
3/14 – Secret Invasion
3/21 – Civil War II
3/28 – Dark Nights: Metal
4/4 – HOPR Month
4/11 – HOPR Month
4/18 – HOPR Month
4/25 – HOPR Month

As always,  I reserve the right to change the schedule at any point for any reason, but Patreon episodes are usually locked in. As you can see we’ve got some interesting stuff coming up, with some schedule interruptions. The History of Power Rangers month will be explained in the next section, but let’s start off with that first week of February. A lot of History of Power Rangers IS up on Youtube… but it’s been claimed. It needs to be re-edited and reuploaded. There are also a handful of AT4W episodes, like the Blake’s 7 #2 review, that have been claimed and need to finally be reuploaded, so I’ll be taking the opportunity to finally correct these.

At the end of February, we’ll be doing something very unique for the Patreon Viewers’ Choice – instead of three comics, I’m going to select three Doctor Who episodes. As far as I’m concerned, Atop the Fourth Wall SHOULD be for comics only, but Patreon-sponsored reviews have opened the floodgates there for other stuff. So fine – I don’t want to do a regular review series of Doctor Who stuff (I love Doctor Who, but I prefer my niche), but I have jokes and thoughts and opinions about a few episodes, so we’ll see if the viewers want to check out what I have to say about one of them.

The 700th episode is coming up, but with the pushback of stuff like the HOPR Month and cancelling a Secret Origins Month episode, it’s going to come out the first week of August as opposed to earlier in the summer like it usually would.

History of Power Rangers
In case you missed the announcement on Twitter or the Discord, sadly History of Power Rangers will be disappearing from Vimeo for a while. Long story short, Vimeo has a monthly cap on bandwidth and sadly History of Power Rangers’ popularity (and my lack of progress on getting it re-edited and reuploaded to Youtube) has meant that people keep coming here to check out the rest. As a result, Vimeo wants to charge the (frankly ludicrous) price of $5,000 a year to keep my account at its current bandwidth consumption (I currently pay $240 per year). They have agreed to a compromise wherein I take down the HOPR videos so they don’t raise the price. While I’d normally just cancel the account outright, I also use Vimeo to host a few videos that can’t go on Youtube at all, plus digital copies of the AT4W DVDs, which people seem to really enjoy having instead of physical media in some cases. As such, closing the account would cause more problems than it would solve.

As a result, I need to finally get these damn things up. I’m currently working on the Lost Galaxy HOPR. It’s recorded and I hope to have it finished before the end of 2021 (hopefully before the end of November, but I wouldn’t hold my breath given my track reocrd). I’m taking a month off from AT4W to restore as many History of Power Rangers videos as I can. I can’t guarantee I’ll get the entire rest up – but I’m going to try my damndest to get at least four restored ones in April. They will be a single video each, as the Beast Morphers and Batman: Hush reviews have proven that people MUCH prefer one big video with midrolls as opposed to multiple smaller ones. What helps is that these are all already written – the scripts just need proofreading, rerecording, and re-editing. I’ve found a method that MIGHT speed up the editing process (we’ll see as I use it for the Lost Galaxy reupload). but the point is that they will FINALLY be restored.

Now what does that mean for the old versions? They’re going away. I’m sorry if you prefer those – I get it. But I’ve been trying for a decade to keep them up and it’s just not working. I’m not George Lucas, constantly tweaking and rereleasing the same film while adding “Maclunkey” unnecessarily or Han shooting first or whatever because of some artistic dissatisfaction – it’s that the damn things are old and were made for a platform that didn’t give a crap if I let a full minute-long scene play out. Times have changed and if I want them back up, they need to be altered to suit the platform they’re on. Frankly I kind of always assumed Vimeo would take them down for Copyright reasons at some point (Vimeo DOES have their own Copyright system – it’s just you have an actual human being to talk to about them if need be unlike Youtube), but hey, here we are.

Please no comments saying “Well, why don’t you put them on Odysee or Bitchute or DailyMotion?” or whatever half-baked video platform of the week containing Nazis and bitcoin scams that will disappear in three months or has their own copyright issues. I KNOW those options. I know I could put them on or whatever. This needs to be DONE. I can’t keep trying to argue with platforms forever for videos that aren’t even my main series. Youtube is where people watch stuff, so they go on Youtube. The old versions cannot stand anymore and they need to be discarded. I need a permanent solution and this is it. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. If you want copies of the old versions, I have little doubt you’ll be able to find one of the MANY pirated versions of them out there that have occurred over the last decade.

Secret Project
It’s Secret Project time again! Bad news for those who are wondering: no, it’s not another big crossover event between me and other former-CA producers. I’ve been inspired as of late to work on an original project, hopefully planning on release in April, as it happens. It will be ultra-low budget, horror-related, and might have some of my fellow producers in other roles, but this is otherwise completely unrelated to reviews or any story previously done by me. The hope is to have it be in movie form, maybe divided into multiple smaller parts, but we’ll see how things play out as we go along. Just letting you know, working on something fun in the coming months that’ll go up on my channel.

Longbox of the Damned
Thanks everyone for another successful year of Longbox of the Damned! Next year will be its TENTH anniversary! While Longbox may not be my most popular series, I’m glad that so many do enjoy it and I’ve been able to share my love of horror with you all, dressed up as a ghoul and whatnot. I haven’t solidified all my plans for it next year, but I want to try to do some special stuff for it since, hey, tenth anniversaries don’t come along all the time. Hell, it’s shocking at all to think I HAVE been doing it for that long, anyway. Check out some old episodes, enjoy my goofy accent, and especially in the last few years, the amount of terrible jokes this horror host has made.

Good news! The $3000 milestone has FINALLY been achieved! For the last few months, the Patreon has managed to stay above $3000 a month… aaaand unfortunately the milestone is not SUPER impressive. I had switched around the orders of some a bit (and the Patreon DOES still fluctuate depending on what day of the week it is to just below $3000), but I think we’re close enough to do it anyway – a Let’s Play of Star Trek: Elite Force 2! Some may recall that back in the day, that was my only Let’s Play I ever did on my own, introducing many more people to badass Ensign Munro and his portable photon torpedo launcher.

The landscape of gaming has changed a lot since I made that Let’s Play back then. Let’s Plays done on your own without an audience do still occur, but less so – most of the time these days it’s streams, or streams trimmed down to their highlights. And in my case, I’ve been doing weekly streams on Saturday nights the last few years and I will continue to do so now. After we finish up Fallout: New Vegas (which I qualify as the Independent New Vegas achieved), we’ll be moving on to another Pokémon Nuzlocke since I’ve been wanting to do another one for a while (Fallout has taken WAY longer than I had intended it to), but after that, we’ll be doing Star Trek: Elite Force 2. It’s been a LONG time since I played the game. I certainly remember moments of it, but not the whole thing and how it will control overall.

In other Patreon-related news, in case you missed the last State of the Wall post, I did add a new milestone at $3500 – a History of Power Rangers-style retrospective of Spider-Man: The Animated Series! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but especially with HOPR itself being such a continuing issue, I haven’t really had the time for it. Still, if you’re interested in having me talk about a 90s animated series with the same snark and detail that I went into with Power Rangers, contribute to the Patreon to try to make it happen!

Nothing new on the horizon for conventions, partially because COVID is still happening. We’re getting better, but not there yet. Get vaccinated if you can.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and thanks for your continued support!

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