A little late, but here’s the current status of things including the schedule for the next two months’ worth of episodes!

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Schedule of Upcoming AT4W Episodes
12/1 – The Hobbit #1
12/8 – The Hobbit #2
12/15 – The Hobbit #3
12/22 – Santa the Barbarian #1
12/29 – Top 15 Worst Comics I’ve Reviewed
1/5 – Miller Time: All-Star Batman and Robin #9
1/12 – Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2
1/19 – Trouble #1
1/26 – Comic Book Quickies #4

As always, the schedule is subject to change due to various reasons.

AT4W Movie Update
So obviously the IndieGoGo for the movie has not launched yet like I had hoped. These things happen and we adjust when we can. Basically what happened was that the original people who were going to build the sets felt that they were not going to be able to make the sets before the time we planned on shooting. I don’t want to launch the campaign until we have everything secured (especially if the cost ends up being more than we originally budgeted for the project). We should HOPEFULLY have a final answer on it this week and then I’ll begin promoting it like crazy.

What happens if we don’t end up making the cost or can’t get the set construction? Well, we have some options in that regard, just the options aren’t exactly happy ones. But we WILL work around it one way or another.

Holiday DVD
Speaking of things launching this week, I am currently in the process of editing the Holiday DVD! One of the videos is edited with the others half-completed, so I should hopefully have the contents ready on Monday to be uploaded to Kunaki. The contents of the DVD will be:
-One new Atop the Fourth Wall episode
-Two new Longbox of the Damned episodes
-One new Riff
-The Previously-Released “Scrooge” riff with new introduction and closing

Because a the Scrooge riff is so lengthy and thus takes up a good chunk of the DVD, the price of it will be $10! However, since it was the Patreon sponsors who got the DVD out there to begin with, Patreon sponsors will have access to the DVD first and at a reduced price of $5! I’ll also start sending out the Holiday DVD to those who had selected it for their free DVD and badge at the $20 sponsor level. I’ll also resume work again on digital distribution of the DVD. Been kind of behind on that because of this aaaaand…

History of Power Rangers
Yep, Jungle Fury is still scheduled for Christmas. Obviously I have not been tweeting about it, but I have been watching it. I haven’t been public about watching it like I have with Overdrive or other seasons because honestly episode length gets increased when I’m also writing up a summary anyway, so trying to ALSO be snarky about it on twitter just adds more fuel to the fire. Hell, when I got to the Thor and Loki episode of Operation Overdrive, the 22-minute episode got expanded into 2 hours because I kept making jokes about it. But yes, I’m watching it, we’re still on for Christmas, I’m dedicated to keeping to the schedule.

MAGFest – I will be attending MAGFest yet again! January 23rd through 26th in National Harbor, MD!

Midwest Media Expo – I will also be going to Midwest Media Expo for its second year! This time I will be joined by the Nostalgia Critic team (Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Malcolm Ray, and Tamara Chambers), Rantasmo, and Brad Jones! April 10-12 in Detroit, MI!

Just FYI if you’re still not aware of it, I have been uploading older videos (at least one year old) to youtube for a while now! If it’s easier for you to binge there, feel free, though be aware that some of the content has been edited (usually just the ending credits music) to deal with youtube’s contentID system. At the time of this State of the Wall post, the Entity arc has just begun (two older episodes of AT4W are uploaded each week after the new one premieres here). I also add additional commentary on the episodes, sometimes long and sometimes short, that’ll eventually be compiled as ruminations for the AT4W episode guide coming out next year. You can check out the page HERE!

Please Keep Circulating the Links
As many have noticed, I’ve put a thing at the end of the credits asking people to “Keep Circulating the Links” and they’ve been wondering what that means exactly. It’s pretty simple – you like Atop the Fourth Wall? You think there are others who would like it? Circulate the links! Share the site, share the videos, and encourage people to check it out and become viewers. Hell, if it’s easier on them, share the links to the youtube page. Let’s get some new people interested in this little show about an idiot reviewing awful comic books (and sometimes Power Rangers)!

As you may have noticed, the site is in its holiday theme right now! What do you guys think of it? Like the snow? Like the logo? Have other ideas for next year? Let us know!

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