Time for updates! Click through the link to see stuff coming up and some general updates about History of Power Rangers, streaming, and more!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
12/3 – Batman Returns: The Official Comic Adaptation
12/10 – The Punisher: Red X-Mas
12/17 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Adaptation
12/24 – Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #7
12/31 – Yet Another 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W
1/7 – Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5
1/14 – Batman/Aliens
1/21 – PATREON: Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel
1/28 – PATREON: Pokémon 15×19-20 – Cilan Takes Flight and An Amazing Aerial Battle

As always, the schedule is subject to change due to any number of factors, like changed whims and the like, but the Patreon-sponsored episodes will likely remain where they are.

Viga’s New Youtube Channel
For those who don’t know, Viga’s channel got taken down much the same way mine was a while back. She was not able to get it back, but she has started up a new one, which you can check out HERE!

History of Power Rangers (T-Shirt!)
First and foremost, there’s a new t-shirt available for pre-order! Tired of the slow release schedule for History of Power Rangers? Express your discontent through this t-shirt! You can purchase it HERE! As with all the new t-shirts, it needs a certain amount of preorders to become a permanent item. If it doesn’t, it’ll only be available until December 7th!

I was hoping to list off an official release date for the Ninja Steel HOPR episode, but sadly the Super Ninja Steel DVDs still don’t have a release date. As a reminder, I need the DVDs so I actually have footage to work with… although I should also note that the release dates might be more on the tentative side given the ContentID issues as of late. What I might do is try to get it done with early and uploaded a month in advance to see if any new ContentID issues hit it during that time and fix any problems that arise. So instead of having a solid release date, we’ll have a release month for when it’ll be ready.

Otherwise, my continued efforts of getting History of Power Rangers reinstated on Youtube continues. In case you missed it, I made a video explaining in greater detail what’s been going on there and why there hasn’t been a new rewrite of one for a while. You can watch it HERE.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been doing weekly streams! Every Saturday at 8 PM Central time on my youtube channel I play video games, answer questions, and just in general hang out and have fun! We actually now have two sections available to check out some of the streams – the Livestreams Section, which has one-offs and other short-lived game playthroughs and The Pokémon White Randomized Nuzlocke section! That one gets its own special section because, well, Pokémon and because it’s going to last a while.

I’ll likely be doing more Randomized Nuzlockes in the future, but obviously when we finish that up, we’ll be moving on to another game for a while. A suggestion that was tossed out was maybe looking at some Zelda games, since I’ve never actually played one before!

It’s likely I’ll be doing more on Twitch in the future, but I haven’t made any solid plans for that as of yet.

Below is a repost from the last State of the Wall post, but it still applies. One thing I will add is that I am seriously considering ending Patreon-sponsored reviews of TV shows and movies. In case you didn’t watch the History of Power Rangers update video I linked, Youtube has altered its ContentID settings so that the length that they’ll allow a clip to run has been shortened. It used to be 10-15 seconds was acceptable, but now for me I’m running into issues if it’s longer than 7 seconds. This is reflected as well in Atop the Fourth Wall, where I’ve had to cut down the length of the music being played over the title cards from 10 to 7 seconds and there’s no guarantee it won’t get even worse. Some of my colleagues have had clips (or even still frames) get claimed with as little as 5 seconds of footage at a time. This makes reviewing movies or TV shows in my show almost completely unacceptable. Since this is my job, if I can’t get the video out or monetized, then I have to stop doing it. We’ll see how things go in 2019, especially since we do have at least two TV-related things coming up on Patreon-sponsored reviews, but I’m giving you guys a heads up on this. I’m sorry if this ends up happening, but it is what it is.

Patreon-sponsored reviews have returned! The slots fill up every time they become opened, but you can always try to grab them at the beginning of the month when people rotate out, but I make no promises. You can of course look for them on my Patreon HERE!

It’s likely I’ll be closing them again by the end of the summer – not permanently, of course, but since October through December are pretty much locked in as far as my content and with the slots in such high demand, it’s almost a given there will be two Patreon-sponsored reviews each month, so I have to limit the slots whenever possible. They’ll then reopened again when it comes time to schedule them again and this will help and see if we need to tweak the current system we have in place for them.

Digital DVDs
In case you missed it, the Atop the Fourth Wall DVDs are now available to be acquired as digital downloads for a cheaper price than the physical DVDs! You can check them out on Vimeo HERE!

While there are no more conventions that I’ll be attending in 2018, there WILL be some convention news coming up in early 2019, so keep a look out for when stuff gets announced!

That’s it for now! Thank you all for your continued support and viewership! This year has been quite a roller coaster, but I’m glad to have you all as my fans. Thanks for making the 10th Anniversary year so phenomenal!

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