It’s that time again! Time for some general updates on various projects!

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Schedule of Upcoming Atop the Fourth Wall Episodes
10/6 – The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows #1-2
10/13 – The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows #3-4
10/20 – The Thing from Another World: Questionable Research
10/27 – Spider-Man: the Trial of Peter Parker (And the end of the Machinations of Worms arc)
11/3 – Whiz Comics #2
11/10 – Tales to Astonish #44
11/17 – Detective Comics #38
11/24 – The Avengers #1

As you can see, the plan is to end the Machinations of Worms arc on the annual Clone Saga review. I say PLANNING because there may be some complications there. At the moment, I’m still on schedule with stuff, though not ahead of schedule like I had hoped. I always TRY to film storyline finales before October begins so Longbox of the Damned doesn’t interfere with it. That has not happened yet. If I genuinely feel like I can’t get the storyline finished in time, I’ll push it back to the first week of Secret Origins Month. I don’t want to, obviously (especially because I have Youmacon right before it), but a lot of this NEEDS to get done in a certain time frame, since the storyline elements carry over from one episode to the next. So yeah, I’ll try my damndest, though as always no promises.

The Engineer (our friendly neighborhood website designed) has been up to his ears in other projects, so he hasn’t had a chance to add the button to the sidebar for linking to the State of the Wall posts for upcoming videos, but it IS going to happen. Patience is appreciated.

Longbox of the Damned
And as I said, Longbox is proceeding nicely. All 31 segments have been filmed, though the set is still up at the moment because I need to film two additional ones for the upcoming Holiday DVD (hoping to take care of that this weekend). As of this writing, we have 12 episodes edited (and of course a few have premiered already) and when I’m finished writing this up, I’ll go back to the editing dungeon to resume work on them. I’m proceeding at a good pace of at least one edited per day, though always shooting for two so I can just get that dealt with. Glad everyone’s enjoying the new animated intro sequence! Credit for that goes to the ever talented Andrew Dickman, whose videos you should check out – CLICK ON THIS LINK, FOOLISH MORTALS.

I’m also contemplating commissioning him to do an animated Atop the Fourth Wall intro, much like he did one for Spoony’s videos at one point. I know a lot of people like the current format for the theme song and its annual change in visuals, but let’s face it – I’ve had it for about 5 or 6 years now. We’ve had a good status quo for a while, but much like me changing up my reviewing outfit, it might be time to try something new. If you disagree, feel free to let me know – nothing has been commissioned yet and I wouldn’t mind hearing some feedback on the idea. ^_^

Summertime Longbox videos are a go! The Patreon passed the $2000 Milestone a while ago and I am confirming that I will indeed be producing Longbox of the Damned episodes in July 2015. Now it’s going to be tricky doing them, but not impossible. Because of conventions and the AT4W Movie, obviously I’m going to have to cut some corners on it, but you’ll still get a month of videos. How? A few ways:
-Summertime Longbox videos will be themed! I’ve wanted to do theme months for a while, but the problem is I have SO MANY horror comics, I want to talk about so much stuff, so the summer videos will help get the theme months out of the way. I won’t announce the theme of 2015 yet, but it’s definitely something that’ll be enjoyed.
-It will not be every day. At least not this year it won’t. This is not so much because I’m trying to weasel out of it but rather the theme month has a limited number of comics produced – enough for, say, 28 days worth, but not EVERY single day. As such, Mondays will have Atop the Fourth Wall while the rest of the week Longbox.
-Many of them will be voiceover only. I asked about this a while ago if people would be up for having Longbox videos where it was voiceover only and they seemed pretty amenable to the idea. So while Moarte will still be hosting, you’ll be seeing him on screen considerably less than during the October Longboxes. This is also because, well, summer is hot and it’s difficult enough to not have the makeup running due to me sweating in the outfit.

So look for those in July of 2015!

History of Power Rangers
In case you missed the last State of the Wall or haven’t been paying attention, HISTORY OF POWER RANGERS HAS SET RELEASE TIMES. Again, you can direct your gratitude to the Patreon sponsors for this one. That being said, a number of them remain unscheduled, namely Samurai and MegaForce. Why? Because next year I’m filming the AT4W Movie and I don’t know how much extra time I’ll have during the months following filming. I’ve already made one release date and I intend to make the next two, though:
JUNGLE FURY – 12/25/14
RPM – 3/19/15

The current plan is to begin watching Jungle Fury all throughout November and have the review ready in time for a Christmas release. So far so good on that plan… in that I have so far watched none of Jungle Fury except its theme song, which is a HUUUUUGE improvement over Overdrive.

Other Videos
Longbox of the Damned pretty much is absorbing all my free time right now, so riffs and Let’s Plays have taken a back seat. In case you’re wondering, the mysterious goings-on in the Let’s Play of Pokémon Omicron are unconnected with the AT4W storyline. It’s just something I’m playing around with and naturally if you were in the stream when I recorded that, that’s not what happened during the actual playthrough. As for riffs, though, I have a few lined up thanks to Patreon sponsors! I’ve begun working on one about Mexican workers called Broceros from the 1950s and have 3 minutes worth of the 18-minute short riffed.

On the Patreon front, in case you’re wondering, we’re hovering at about $2100 to $2200 at different points. That’s a nice stable point, though I remind you all that you can see extra videos like Longbox of the Damned a day early if you’re a $2+ sponsor and it’s only a monthly commitment that you can cancel at any time. I am, sadly, going to be dropping the highest tier where I produce a video for you on any subject (particularly promoting your work/channel/etc.) simply because the last three months have shown that I’m having difficulty producing them with all the other videos I’ve been making and if you’re paying that much money for something, it should not be taking this long.

That being said, I fully intend to honor the sponsors who have used those tiers before now (of which there are about 2 or 3 that still need to be made). I do apologize for the delay in their production. The one that HAS been produed I’ll be putting on AT4W in the next few days – just got sidetracked working on Longbox.

AT4W The Movie
The plan is still on for me to launch the IndieGoGo for the AT4W Movie in November! Most of what’s left is figuring out a few budgetary issues (of which I’m waiting on the estimate from the props/makeup/set team for the cost), but things are coming along. I don’t want to announce the estimate for the budget yet, but needless to say I’m going to try to be offering some very nice incentives for this. The campaign will likely last through December and into the first day or two of January… for tax reasons, mainly. If I get the money in 2014, that means I get taxed on it for 2014 before I’ve paid for ANY of the expenses of the movie.

DVD Digital Distribution
Yeah, I’ve been really slow on this front and again, apologies. Many people have been suggesting I take advantage of GOG’s newly-added service for movie distribution, but the problem there is two-fold – according to their own website, they want MOVIES, not full DVDs of content like episodes of the show. Secondly, they want to approve the content, so my little comic-reviewing show on Blip and youtube may not match their standards. Currently still planning on submitting the individual content to iTunes for distribution there, just need to get the ball rolling without a gazillion other things breathing down my neck.

Youmacon – I will be attending Youmacon once again, as mentioned above! That’s October 30th through November 2nd in Detroit, MI!

MAGFest – I will be attending MAGFest yet again! January 23rd through 26th in National Harbor, MD!

I should also be attending Midwest Media Expo again next year, though I don’t think a formal announcement has been made yet, so I won’t be saying for absolute certain there.

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to post below!

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