With apologies for this one being so late. Was waiting on finalizing stuff for a convention plus my busy schedule working on videos. In the meantime, check below the cut for what’s going on!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
10/1 – Silent Hill: Hunger
10/8 – The Thing from Another World: The Northman Nightmare
10/15 – Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors
10/26 – 10th Anniversary Review
10/29 – Finale of the Clone Saga Storyline
Secret Origins Month
11/5 – Fantastic Four #52
11/12 – Marvel Comics #1
11/19 – The Incredible Hulk #181
11/26 – The New Mutants #98

As always, the schedule is subject to change (especially the dates, whoo boy), but otherwise this is the current plan. If you’re wondering why Secret Origins Month is all Marvel, it’s pretty simple – last year’s ended up only having two reviews, both of which were DC, so I figured we’d compensate for that with an all-Marvel version.

EDIT: As was pointed out, Namor was Marvel, so I had one Marvel and one DC. Huh. Not sure why I made that mistake in my head. Eh, whatever – still doing all Marvel this year.

As you can see above, the 10th Anniversary Review is premiering on the 10th Anniversary itelf!

Specifically, it will be aired at 7 PM Central time during a livestream on my channel! It’s going to last from 1 PM Central to whenever (most likely 10 or 11 PM). Throughout the day, we’ll play episodes from each year of the show and have plenty of guests on to play Jackbox games and at 8 PM we’re going to begin the game we’ll be playing for the next few months! Come on by and I hope you enjoy it!

As is obvious above, the 10th Anniversary storyline – the Clone Saga – will be coming to an end on the 29th (assuming it comes out on time). As a reminder, the Clone Saga storyline was always going to end around this time and the Contest of Champions storyline will resume afterwards. I had hoped to complete it before then, but them’s the breaks. There will be a Christmas storyline that will be folded into Contest of Champions (although said storyline was originally planned for last year) with the Contest resuming in January or February and probably ending in the fall.

It WILL take a backseat to any other projects I’m working on. The frequent amount of storyline stuff at the beginning of the Contest happened due to trying to get it done before the 10th Anniversary, but now I can be a bit more leisurely with it. One contest is horror-themed, so I might save that for the Halloween storyline come October next year, but I make no guarantees.

Longbox of the Damned
So obviously Longbox is almost over now, but I hope everyone’s enjoying it for this year!

The Longbox movie I mentioned a while ago is still in pre-production as we revise the script and get it finalized. The HOPE is to make it next year after we run a crowdfunding campaign for it and that will likely be the main thing that interrupts storyline progression if we end up filming in 2019.

Everyday Horror
I recently had the honor of appearing on the Syfy Wire podcast Everyday Horror! Check it out as Dany Roth and I discuss Exorcist III! You can listen to it HERE!

Patreon-sponsored reviews have returned! The slots fill up every time they become opened, but you can always try to grab them at the beginning of the month when people rotate out, but I make no promises. You can of course look for them on my Patreon HERE!

It’s likely I’ll be closing them again by the end of the summer – not permanently, of course, but since October through December are pretty much locked in as far as my content and with the slots in such high demand, it’s almost a given there will be two Patreon-sponsored reviews each month, so I have to limit the slots whenever possible. They’ll then reopened again when it comes time to schedule them again and this will help and see if we need to tweak the current system we have in place for them.

There’s only one convention coming up, and you should definitely go to it!

Oni-Con – Oni-Con is in Galveston, TX and it runs from November 9-11! Unfortunately, due to a mix-up on my part, I won’t be there EVERY day, but I WILL be there on the 10th and 11th. Viga will also be attending and running my booth on the 9th, so you should say hi to her and say hi to me when I arrive! I’ll be doing a live show and just generally having a good time in (hopefully) warmer temperatures than up here in Minnesota.

That’s it for now! Sorry again for the lateness of this one. Hopefully should be better next time around!

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