You know the drill! Check under the cut to see what’s going to be coming over the next two months and some updates about what’s going on with the show!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
1/29 – PATREON: Homestuck, Act 2
2/5 – Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots #1
2/12 – Thunderstrike #1
2/19 – Youngblood #10
2/26 – Badrock #1A
Event Comics Month II: Crisis of the Wars
3/5 – Event Comics Month II: Infinite Crisis
3/12 – Event Comics Month II: Infinity War
3/19 – Event Comics Month II: World War Hulk
3/26 – Event Comics Month II: Final Crisis

While normally I would say that the schedule is subject to change… this one is definitely not. February and March are months that I’ve had locked down for a while now – March for the next Event Comics Month, and since that’s promised by Patreon stuff, it ain’t going to change. February has been something I’ve wanted to do since I decided how I was going to celebrate the tenth anniversary. Atop the Fourth Wall started as text reviews and a number of those text reviews ended up being made into videos. This year? All the remaining text reviews are going to be made into videos, thus with the exception of the annual Youngblood review, that’s the focus of February.

Contest of Champions Update
Many are sad that the Contest of Champions storyline still hasn’t continued yet, so here’s the deal – there’s going to be a tenth anniversary storyline in September through October, so I’m going to be trying to my best to get the Contest storyline finished by then. I’ve written an outline of how the contest will go, equaling about 19 storyline segments in total and I have scripts written for 8 of them. The thing is some of these segments exclusively feature people in other states, so they’re not all in order – I need to get them all finished so I can send off the scripts and they can be recorded in one go.

For those curious, the Contest will START with 32 contestants, whittling them down each of the five rounds until in that last fifth one there are only two left. We won’t see most of these contestants, but at the very least you’ll see their names. My compatriots in this little undertaking have come up with a lot of backstories and details about them that will also never make it to screen, but will prove useful if we end up doing another Contest of Champions storyline down the road (remember, regardless whether or not Linkara wins, other champions in this universe exist and Jaeris himself didn’t win, so it could be Linkara for another go-around or someone else!).

For $5+ patrons, I posted up some behind the scenes graphics that’ll be used for several storyline segments – namely the news segments giving you updates about how the contest is proceeding (since obviously we won’t be seeing EVERY fight). If you’re a $5+ patron, you can check out that post HERE!

If the Contest isn’t finished by the time the 10th Anniversary Storyline starts up… well, tough cookies – I’m not putting off the 10th Anniversary storyline since, well, it’s for the 10th Anniversary. There’s kind of a ticking clock there. As such, if we can’t get it done when we want to, we’ll have to just delay the conclusion of Contest of Champions until afterwards and have a mini-arc in the middle of it, Virtual World arc inside of Battle City arc-style (only less pointless).

The Road to 500
The road to 500 episodes continues! JLA/Avengers was the 485th episode, with the 500th scheduled to happen May 7th. I’m still looking for more suggestions on stuff to show or do during the planned 500th episode livestream, so feel free to throw ideas out there. I’m also writing out new bits of trivia and insights and I’ll likely get other producers in on it as we did for the 300th episode’s stream. I’m hoping you guys throw out some great idea, including whether you’d prefer the stream be done on Twitch or on Youtube, since either option is a possibility for us.

History of Power Rangers
In case you’ve missed it, both Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury are back up and running on youtube! Obviously there are changes, but not as many as you’d think – altering some sentences here and there, different visuals, shorter clips, but they’re basically the same as before (Jungle Fury in particular, as I was able to go into the original project files for that one and simply shorten the clips when needed). RPM has the same problem as In Space, though – a music vide segment that will need to have a cover made to try to get around ContentID issues, so that’s not what’s going to happen next. I’m currently in the process of rewriting the Lost Galaxy videos and it’s coming along fairly well. I’m hoping to keep up a pace of replacement History of Power Rangers at least once a month, but I make no promises. Ninja Steel is going into its second season, so we’re still quite a ways off from me doing the HOPR on it. That’ll likely be in 2019 depending on when the DVDs come out.

Longbox of the Damned
I AM planning on doing summer Longbox videos this year, most likely in June or July, though they will be a bit different. To try to reduce the stress on an already-crowded workload, they’ll likely be a weekly thing every Friday (hey, the return of my brief youtube “Frightful Friday Nights” when I posted old Longboxes up on the channel?) of the month, with a different host. It may not be as thorough as other Longboxes I’ve done before, but it should still hopefully be entertaining.

Let’s Play Pokémon Omicron
So of course with all these other big projects occurring, Pokémon Omicron has been shoved to the wayside and hasn’t gotten very much work done on it at all. It’s of course not what I want, especially since I’m planning on doing that Elite 4 run for the 500th episode livestream, but the important thing right now is to focus on getting other content out there and ready. The footage is all there waiting to be worked on – I just need to find some time to actually produce them. Thank you all for your continued patience on it.

And we have some conventions that I will be attending! Given everything else, it’s unlikely there will be a volume 4 DVD, but I am planning on a new History of Power Rangers-themed poster and badge card, so convention attendees look out for those, along with t-shirts and other DVDs that will be in stock with me. The list, of course, will be updated as new conventions are added or if I’m unable to attend something originally planned. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Animinneapolis – I will once again be attending Animinneapolis on May 25-27 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN! This has become a regular thing for me since it’s local and I hope to see people there!
Anime Midwest – I shall once again be going to Anime Midwest on July 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL! This one’s also a regular one for me, but it’s definitely a lot of fun and the area is full of great places to see and eat at and the hotel itself is pretty dang cool!
Too Many Games – I’ll be coming back to Too Many Games this year on June 22-24 at the Greater Philadelpha Expo Center in Oaks, PA! I sat out last year but I’ll be back again this time with plenty of copies of the AT4W Movie and the Compilation DVD, so definitely come out and take a look!

That’s all I’ve got for now, looking forward to hearing what people have to say!

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