Here’s a panel from the pages of Action Comics #868 that just came out, written by Geoff Johns:

My, my, my. That was a compelling joke that spoke to the foibles of everyday living in a universe where superheroes regularly interact with other people while also making comment of the increased use of plastic surgery in society and making a criticism about personality types that may be led to engage in such a practice. Simply a fine, fine joke worthy of one of DC’s longest-lasting titles.

Captain Picard, would you be interested in commenting on a joke worthy of Shakesperean irony?

Well, in the above pic is gossip columnist Catherine Grant, a supporting cast member of Superman’s book who had a storyline in the 90s about her son getting murdered by the Toyman, leading to a very emotionally-charged series of events where she almost kills Toyman until deciding not to.

Admittedly, I am not a Superman or Action Comics reader. But I know other people are and they get bummed when they see their characters acting strangely. Forgiving the fact that Supergirl has been on earth long enough to know about breast implants, just the juvenile attitude to which the subject is approached here is annoying, but we’ll get to that in a second.

My information about Cat Grant comes from Wikipedia and scans I’ve seen of her on the livejournal group Scans_Daily. As such, while Wikipedia mentions that Cat Grant’s new revealing clothing and promiscuous attitude may just be a cover-up for the death of her son… that storyline, as I remember, is over ten years old. Now, it could be said that a parent may never get over the death of their child, but if she really does have breast implants, then I’m pretty sure that one has to undergo certain evaluations before one can get cosmetic surgery like that (though it may vary from state to state), including psychological ones, so getting cosmetic surgery in order to escape from the harsh reality of the world where one’s child was murdered may not be the kind of thing that gets an “APPROVED” stamp for the surgery.

And while some individuals may seem to overdo it a bit and have kind of disturbing attitudes about it (the TV show “Bullshit” once did an episode on cosmetic surgery and showcased a man and woman who want to be as close as possible to Barbie and Ken dolls), it’s ultimately a person’s choice whether or not they want to undergo surgery and this juvenile response to it just because Cat Grant may have acted a little stand-offish (the coming writer for Supergirl has said that Cat Grant will become a foil for Kara) is no reason for Geoff Johns to toss an insult like this at her.

Hey, here’s a thought – maybe Cat Grant had breast cancer, got surgery to treat it, but then underwent cosmetic surgery to restore some sense of normalcy to her body? But that’s the thing – a pervailing attitude that says that all cosmetic surgery must be because of shallow reasons. And even if a majority of women do do it for shallow purposes, why the hell is it necessary to belittle people for it? It’s THEIR bodies to do with as they please.

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