Quick Update


In case you don’t follow my Twitter, I figure I should probably give a quick update on why you haven’t seen any new episodes in a while.

It’s pretty simple, really – Viga and I have moved to a new house! We finished up the move itself on August 31st and we’re in the process of unpacking, setting things up, finishing up painting (long story but we couldn’t do it all after we closed), etc.

The good news is that once I have my editing computer up, I filmed two episodes that I’ll do my damndest to get done with ASAP. One of them is especially important because it’s a Patreon-sponsored episode. The schedule is obviously going to be rearranged a bit to accommodate changes like that (probably dropping a planned review or two), but rest assured you’ll be getting new episodes soon.

Thanks for your continued support and patience! And as you wait, feel free to continue to enter the Longbox Bumper Contest!

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