For those who might have missed the State of the Wall post from last month, we are once again switching players on the site. Screenwave is ending its partnership with JW Player and has decided to not support their own player anymore, sticking to the other business that they handle.

I was in negotiations with JW Player to try to stick around, but unfortunately I just can’t support the costs of staying on given the size of my backlog (even very generous concessions they made on the price would have required me to reduce how much I actually had on the player and in a year it’d be more expensive anyway since AT4W episodes would keep filling in the hole left by them). I am switching over to, with a page for my videos that you can find HERE. I should note that JW Player has been a fantastic host and we tried our damndest to make an arrangement that’d work for both of us, but it’s just not going to work out, sadly. I would actually love to go back onto it at some point in the future, but for now we’re going with

By May 1st, most if not all of the site SHOULD be updated with the new player. The process is a BIT slow because while in the past Screenwave has been able to migrate all of my videos onto a different platform (like the first Screenwave player, then to JW Player), I have to upload all of the videos myself. I am dedicated to maintaining the original Blip versions of these videos on my site and not the edited versions for Youtube. Please pardon our dust while we work on replacing about 1000 videos on the site (not to mention crossovers and other such things).

Now, here is the major problem right now with this that many of you will be able to see right away – does not have ads. Their system is built on leaving “tips” for video creators. I prefer ads since it’s to no cost of the viewer, but the market has changed and this will potentially hurt me a bit, but not TOO badly. If you choose to tip, go right ahead, although if you were to give me money I’d much prefer you buy merchandise or contribute to the Patreon since then you’re getting a definite product for your money, but I won’t discourage you, either. Do what you feel is appropriate.

That being said, for those who have wondered in the past “Where do you make more money – on your site or on youtube,” the answer for the time being will definitively be on youtube, so if you want to support the show by way of ads, that is now the best place to watch… unless a video is not yet available on youtube, in which case there will always be a way to view it here.

History of Power Rangers is still planned to be released on JW Player and youtube on Thursday (assuming all goes well during watching, writing, editing, etc.)

EDIT: Unfortunately, looks like we’re not going to be able to update the player on all pages before May 1st. Please pardon some minor issues while we continue to update stuff. For now, most everything is available on youtube to enjoy!

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