Patreon Suggestions?


So as many of you who follow various TGWTG twitters and the like know, there have been some recent shakeups at Blip. Rest assured I’m not going anywhere at the moment, but revenue is not what it used to be and the 300th episode, while doing very well view-wise, fell on the 30th of June and then July 1st on TGWTG, meaning that an ad campaign was ending and a new one beginning. That’s why so many people reported that they weren’t seeing ads when they watched the 300th.

I’ve been hoping to avoid creating a Patreon, partially because I’ve been wanting others to do it first to test the waters and have more experience with it so I know what to expect and partly because I didn’t want to rely on the direct funds of my fans to afford doing the show. However, there IS wisdom in not putting all your eggs in one basket and diversifying my sources of revenue. One way I’ve been doing that is merchandising, particularly at conventions and the DVDs (which people seem to be enjoying, thankfully). As such, I am considering starting a Patreon.

What I’d like to hear, though, are suggestions for perks. I have plenty of ideas for milestones, including better equipment for the show (possibly boom mics, better cameras, etc. that can also be utilized for the movie when that comes around) as well as a Holiday DVD that can be put out, featuring some riffs on Christmas material, some public domain Christmas comics, and maybe even Moarte looking outside of his expertise at stuff that’s holiday-themed as opposed to horror stuff. Hell, I could even include the riff of Scrooge that I did last year at Christmastime. Hell, maybe a major milestone would be to remove the midrolls.

But really what I need to know are suggestions for lower-tier perks. Names in credits are a fine idea, but there should be some other small incentive for it. The only thing I’ll say is just not feasible to do at this time is early showings of the videos. Sadly I’m often working on an episode on Sunday night not too long before the episode premieres, so unless people reeeeaaally need to see the video without midrolls at 3 AM, it’s just not a likely solution.

Sooo, yeah, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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