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Time again to update you people on what’s happening!

Some people have said they wanted to be surprised by upcoming episodes, so we’re putting them behind the “Read More” button and it’ll be several more days before I update the sidebar.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
3/26 – Blackweb #1
4/2 – Transformers: Generation 2 #1 (Tentative*)
4/9 – Captain Tax Time #1
4/16 – Superman #701
4/23 – Bloodstrike #1
4/30 – Marville #2
PSA Hell Month
5/7 – The Amazing Spider-Man on Bullying Prevention #1
5/14 – The New Teen Titans Anti-Drug PSA
5/21 – Daredevil vs. Vapora #1
5/28 – Batman: A Word to the Wise

* – It’s probably no big secret that it’s around this time that I go out of town to film the TGWTG Anniversary. While I’m confident that I’ll get two episodes written, recorded, and edited this week in time for it, I haven’t read the Transformers comic yet, so it might be something that takes too long, isn’t that bad, or doesn’t have a lot of joke material. If that’s the case, I have two options: try to rush out the crossover I filmed last MAGFest and have that be the episode (the script is finished, just waiting on the voiceover material from the other producers, told them not to rush it since it’s waited this long and they’ve got their own prep to do for the anniversary… though if it comes to this, I’ll ask them to hurry). The other option, and more likely one, is that I’ll take a written review (most likely the very old Thunderstrike review) and do it as an updated script, which requires less work, but is still a new video.

Pollo Redesign Contest
I have picked out a winner and I’ve written the script for the winner announcement! Really, it just comes down to time to film and edit it. If I can get it done before the trip, great, otherwise expect it in April. As for when the actual prop will be built and shown on the show, that’s a question left to the Prop Lady herself, who’s building the thing. XD

History of Power Rangers Update
Aaah, nothing like another History of Power Rangers update where I tell you I’m still working on it. I had hoped to get the thing done with by the end of March, but unfortunately I’ve just run out of time, especially with the anniversary filming plus I got really badly sick several days ago that made me miss a day and a half worth of work time. It’s going to be rough when I get back, too, since it’s tax season so I have to focus on getting all that together.

However, the good news that I will tell you on this front is that I’ve decided NOT to wait until finishing Mystic Force to release the SPD review. The advantage from here on out is that all the seasons are shorter, plus there’s only one annual team-up left (ignoring the RPM/Samurai one for the moment) and one of the reasons I wait until finishing the next season usually before releasing the next video is in seeing how the characters evolve in the team-up, which Mystic Force doesn’t have, so that isn’t a factor. The other reason is usually because I want a season to simmer for a bit and watching the next one helps with that, buuut frankly after so many months of not releasing a HOPR, I think there’s been plenty of simmering.

A lot of people have been asking about Samurai and Super Samurai and whether I will be separating them out. Really that depends on Saban. I haven’t been able to get a straight answer on whether or not Super Samurai is considered a new season by Saban or not. If it IS a new season, then they will get separate videos. If they aren’t, we’ll have to wait until Super Samurai is finished.

In case you haven’t seen this video yet, CONBRAVO!

EDIT: It’s a link now because for some reason Blip’s latest update is making any video auto-play when the embed code is put on a site, plus the embed code is too big for the blog. Check out the announcement HERE.

In addition, I haven’t had time to make formal video announcements for them, but I am ALSO going to Animinneapolis in, well, Minneapolis in late June/early July! It’s a local convention for me, but I’ll be a guest there doing another live show, plus my friend Will, who plays Snowflame and is the suit actor for Lord Vyce, will be there, too!

And if summertime conventions aren’t for you, I’ve already announced that I shall be returning to Youmacon this November! The event is huge and yep, more live show fun, plus some other stuff that may develop as more guests are signed on.

Come join the fun!

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