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Tandy Computer Whiz Kids
In case you didn’t see my twitter, Q-Unit #1 proved to be so irritatingly BORING that I couldn’t find anything good to make fun of and would’ve made for a poor episode. Instead, I shall be reviewing an issue of the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, which is hilariously awful.

Testing a new Flash format
Alrighty, quite a few people in the past have told me that they’re having difficulty seeing my videos on Blip. As such, I’ve offered some solutions in the past:

-Update your flash software
-Try using a different browser (IE Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
-Download the FLV file directly from Blip. It’s not too hard to track down a specific video’s link.

However, I understand that the problem may be on my end. The thing is, back when I was saving in 640×480, Blip was able to convert my videos for me and did a pretty good job of it… but for some reason it errors out when attempting to convert my widescreen videos. As such, I have to save the videos on my own, usually doing so in Adobe Premiere Elements… a process that can take up to three hours, much to my annoyance if it turns out I have to correct an error or something.

As such, with the assistance of some peeps on Twitter as well as my fellow TGWTG producers, I’ve found a converter that seems to work pretty well and cuts the time it takes to make an FLV down pretty well. However, what works on my machine might not work on other people’s machines, as such I have uploaded a new version of the Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3 and I would like people to test it for the following:
-If you’ve had no problems with the videos, whether this new version works just as well.
-If the quality seems to be up to part with the other version (pixelation and the like should be pretty easy to spot)
-If you’ve had problems in the past viewing my videos, whether or not this corrects it.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

History of Power Rangers


Believe it or not, watching 40 episodes of a TV series, especially when I’ve already got my own life, a weekly show, and various other projects to work on is NOT an easy task. Let me just break it down for you:

-Watch Power Rangers season.
-Summarize as I go along, often having to pause the video to give my thoughts and note any motifs or character bits that come to mind.
-Finish off my thoughts and the analysis.
-Edit that analysis, checking my sources for any additional information I can find.
-WAIT TO FINISH THE NEXT SEASON. Yeah, believe it or not, I’m NOT releasing a season until I’ve finished watching the season after it. This makes sure that I’m still always one step ahead of the reviews and you don’t have to wait even LONGER for the videos.
-Record the review.
-Edit the review, inserting clips.
-Publish video, upload to Blip, place on this blog.
-EVENTUALLY it will end up on That Guy With the Glasses. The site is growing every day and there aren’t as many video slots as there once were and as such the schedule is very tight and I may not be able to fit it in close to the same time I post it here.

Just to give you an idea of the time measurement – the average Power Rangers season has about 40 episodes in it. Now that I’m out of the part that I have nostalgic memory for, I now have to watch much more closely to these seasons and, as a result, most likely wtch every episode, resulting in about 13 hours to watch the entire season… except, as I said, I don’t watch these in a single day because of all the other things that happen in my life. In addition, the time it takes to summarize and analyze, then record, then edit.

So the answer as to when the next History of Power Rangers episode is going to be? WHEN IT’S GOOD AND READY, SO STOP ASKING. I honestly am not trying to be angry, since I love my fans and I love that the fans care about this project, but seriously? I said it RIGHT in the introduction video that there isn’t a set schedule for it and I meant that. I’m going to start getting harsher about this, much as I dislike doing so, but this series is supposed to be fun, both for me and for the fans, but if people make it into a chore for me, I’m going to enjoy it less and less and it’ll be even LESS likely that you’ll be seeing new episodes. As such, allow me to make this clear:

-If you e-mail me and ask when the next episode will be out, I will start by responding with this post and in the following weeks I’ll stop responding whatsoever, even if you have good questions or wish to donate something or the like. I am THAT tired of getting this question.
-If you ask why it’s not on TGWTG, I will ignore you.
-If you tweet to me about it, I will ignore you.
-If you comment on the blog asking where the next one is, your comment will be REJECTED, including this post, even if you’re joking. I am seriously that tired of this.

Again, I honestly don’t want to come off as a jerk, but it’s honestly getting on my nerves a bit.

Revolution of the Mask

We are now going to be releasing an Issue 0 before we move onto Issue 3. This involves me writing a fresh script, which I will hopefully be completing by the end of the week, as such it will be a bit before you see the next issue, but like before, please be patient and there WILL be more issues. Thanks again!

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