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Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
10/5 – Nightmares on Elm Street #1-2
10/12 – Nightmares on Elm Street #3-4
10/19 – Nightmares on Elm Street #5-6
10/26 – Spider-Man: Virtual Mortality
11/2 – More Fun Comics #73
11/9 – Daredevil #1
11/16 – Superman #123/Action Comics #252
11/23 – Tales of Suspense #52
11/30 – Deadpool Bi-Annual #1

As always, the schedule is subject to change, although unlikely for this selection. In the case of November 16th’s review, I haven’t decided if I’m doing one, the other, or both yet.

Embed Codes
Because of everything I’m trying to put together here, including some Channel Awesome stuff, additional videos unrelated to my regular output and all that, I have not had a chance lately to finish replacing embed codes for EVERYTHING on the site. Most of the remaining things that need to be done are crossovers, vlogs, and other miscellaneous videos that were not labeled as miscellaneous videos when they should have been when transferred from the old BlogSpot. I will get to them in due time, it’s just the aforementioned issues I’ve had with time.

History of Power Rangers
Power Rangers Megaforce: 12/24
Power Rangers Dinocharge: TBD

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to finally be this close to being done with History of Power Rangers. And yes, of course I’ll be getting to Dino Charge eventually, but that’s a few years off. I can’t do a DinoCharge video when it’s still going on. It’s been a wild ride these last five years, full of frustration and joy and finding new classics from when I had initially watched the series as a kid, but ultimately I’m glad I did it.

If you’re interested in tormenting me even more, the current highest Patreon Milestone is to get me to start up a new expansion to History of Power Rangers wherein I look at other American tokusatsu shows like Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, and of course Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills. Obviously getting me to that level is not going to happen overnight (plus there are other video series I’d like to try in the meantime, including the Let’s Play of Elite Force 2), but that’s neither here nor there.

What I AM going to be working on is making History of Power Rangers youtube friendly. So far, nothing has gone wrong with the Samurai uploads. And even if they did, I’m more willing now to just say screw it and fight copyright claims. Still, to avoid having to go through that headache, I’m going to try to re-edit HOPR to be more youtube friendly. Originally, the plan there was making it mostly audio-based (I even completed the re-edit of season 1 of Mighty Morphin’), which is a fairly easy solution… oooor I could go whole-hog and do what I did with Samurai – cuts every ten seconds, moving borders, shrinking the screen, and reducing how long clips with actual audio and video last. It seems to be working there, so why not? Besides, I don’t have to re-write them or anything – just alter the video. Might be a good excuse to improve video quality with Shout Factory DVD rips.

Longbox of the Damned
All Longboxes are filmed and I have begun editing! As you can tell from the above trailer, it’s the standard deal – daily horror comic reviews throughout October, albeit with links to unlisted youtube versions if you can’t watch ’em on Screenwave. Speaking of, youtube releases of the 2014 Longbox videos will be happening over on that side of things, so if you want to binge-watch last year’s Longbox selection, take a look!

The Movie
I am happy to report that there is a rough cut of the movie! What’s next to do on that front is to color correct shots, do ADR for lines, film the remaining bits that still need to be done, and add in the effects shots. All of that is well underway and I’m still shooting for a late-October release. If not then, it’ll be early November. However, because of the extras that need to be put together, it is unlikely we’ll have a DVD ready in the remainder of 2015, sorry to say. It’ll probably happen early 2016, probably in January. I don’t want to make any guarantees because stuff happens, but hey – the movie was the most difficult part of all of this and that’s almost done! IndieGoGo rewards WILL start being mailed out depending on what they are. Some are obviously easier than others to do for fulfillment, but I can’t very well send out a DVD of the movie when that DVD does not exist, but cast photos or the like can be handled.


Youmacon – For another year, I shall be attending Youmacon in Detroit, MI! It’ll be on Halloween weekend, October 29th through November 1st, at both the Cobo Center and the Renaissance Center! I don’t think a schedule is out yet, but I asked for a chance to do not only a live show, but maybe even premiere the movie! Mind you, even if that DOES happen, it’s possible the version of the movie to premiere will be a rough cut or just part of it, since the movie is still being worked on, but hey, it WOULD give me a deadline. XD You can find out more HERE.

Otherwise, it is with a heavy heart that I say that it is VERY unlikely that I will be attending MAGFest 2016. It might still happen, but I sincerely doubt it. Aside from the fact that the Gaylord has apparently ALREADY filled up as soon as it was available, it’s simply a matter of cost – MAGFest, historically, is the convention I go to where I actually pay to go to it, mostly to see friends and meet fans. However, I never make back the expense of going there – not in the live show and not in merch sales. I’d like to keep going, certainly, but with this coming one it seems unlikely given the cost.

And please do not offer to have me room with you or the like. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t like rooming with strangers, I prefer having my own room whenever possible in order to de-stress and not worry about five other people using the bathroom/shower, and I still have to pay for airfare. Surprisingly, the change in date to February is actually BETTER for me, since then it’s not right after Christmas, but honestly it just seems very unlikely to happen this time. I will of course keep people updated if that changes.

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