Because this week’s “That’s All I’m Saying” may be delayed due to stuff occurring in my personal life, I decided to give you all a treat and release this trailer early. Enjoy!

And look behind the cut for the full schedule!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
First up, of course, is the schedule, partly revealed in the trailer.

10/3 – Silent Hill: Paint it Black
10/10 – Silent Hill: Among the Damned
10/17 – Silent Hill: The Grinning Man
10/24 – Planet of the Symbiotes
10/31 – SECRET REVIEW (End of the Entity Arc)
Secret Origins Month
11/7 – All-Star Comics #8
11/14 – The Fantastic Four #1
11/21 – All-American Comics #16
11/28 – Captain America Comics #1

While I have nothing concrete as of yet due to some communication problems I’m having, I AM trying to be a guest at Youmacon this November in Michigan. Again, once I actually manage to work through the communication difficulties, I will announce, but otherwise nothing solid.

However, it’s pretty clear that I WILL be going to MAGFest this January. Again, I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I submitted my panel (Atop the Fourth Wall Live) and considering last year’s Live Show was completely filled up, I’m thinking it’ll probably go over well again. And even if I don’t get to do the panel again, I’m still planning on going if only because it’s a great chance to meet fans and hang out with my fellow TGWTG producers (and I’m planning a crossover here and there, so it’s definitely going to be fun).

History of Power Rangers Update
Well, wouldn’t you know it – once again we have people asking again about when the next History of Power Rangers will be. Don’t worry, I have no intention of doing another six minute rant about it, but I will remind people YET AGAIN that there is no set schedule for it and October through February is indeed my biggest time for doing Atop the Fourth Wall due to storyline stuff and just because it’s the holiday season and it’s busy. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about moving this time, so that should help.

I have finished SPD and have started on Mystic Force. No, don’t bother asking what my feelings are on them – that’s what the videos are for, plus my snarky comments on twitter. SPD is probably going to end up being three videos because I have a lot to say and the answer of “When will it be released?” is and always has been: “When it’s done.” In addition, doing “That’s All I’m Saying” on a weekly basis also takes a lot of time and effort, basically sacrificing the entirety of a Wednesday evening writing, recording, and editing it all together and that’s not made any easier these days with the DC relaunch and me picking up around 13 comics per week during it.

As of this writing I’m four episodes into Mystic Force, and fortunately from here on the seasons get shorter, so that should help, but it really comes down to HAVING the time to watch the episodes. Still, I have not abandoned this project nor shall I abandon it – I still enjoy watching the episodes and I enjoy hearing your own thoughts about seasons.

Speaking of, ALL of Power Rangers is available on Netflix streaming, so for the bajillions of people who want to know where to find it, there you go.

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