Yeah, just announcing this off the bat – the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11-12 and Stormwatch #0 reviews are likely going to be delayed. Fortunately it is not my fault this time… frankly, I wouldn’t even call it anyone’s fault, it’s simply a matter of workload.

The next two episodes will finally, FINALLY conclude the Sleepwalker storyline. They are VERY special effects-heavy episodes, including spaceships, rotoscoping, blue/green screens, additional effects, etc. and that’s not even factoring in editing sound effects. In fact, currently the MLP review has FIFTEEN MINUTES of storyline for its part of the finale. The Game Show Reviewer, who is doing the lion’s share of this and deserves all the credit for making these effects as awesome as they have been in this storyline, says that it’s entirely possible that it might be delayed to Wednesday at the latest, but is shooting for Monday/Tuesday. Mind you, that’s JUST for the My Little Pony review.

The Stormwatch segments have not been edited yet, but I’ll be taking care of that ASAP to send off to him and they will require their own unique things to happen (although I’m almost dead certain there will be overall less effects shots in its half of the finale). The delay there might be more the fault of the fact that I am heading out on a trip for that weekend. I’m going to try my best to have everything else, including the review, edited and ready for people. If I can find some spare time, to make up for these delays, I’ve been slowly working on another Quick Look At video to promote Longbox, this time counting down my Top 15 Favorite Episodes of Tales from the Crypt. That’s going to come out this month regardless, but maybe I can rearrange my work schedule and get that for you guys on Monday or Tuesday to make up for this.

Apologies for the delays, but hey, the package in this case is going to be well worth it. The Halloween storyline this year will hopefully be less intensive, but still pretty dang enjoyable. Hopefully. Maybe. We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks again for your continued patience and support!

EDIT: I love how even my delays get delays! See, kids, THIS is why episodes are moving back to 4 PM in October. Anywho, it’s getting close to being done. The Game Show Reviewer is doing his damndest to get the last shots to me by Thursday afternoon and I’m using the time to insert all the sound effects (which is a bit of a nightmare, but hopefully will all be worth it for you guys!).

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