Hey, everybody!

So normally this sort of thing would go up in the State of the Wall post, but obviously we just had one a week ago, so here’s an explanation of where things are going with the Blip shutdown and all. Click beneath the cut to check it out.

First and foremost, I’ve added new Patreon Milestones! If you’re worried about how far apart they are, it’s mostly out of experience of how things worked when I first set up the milestones. I’m still trying to fulfill some of them, so spacing them out a bit makes a lot more sense. You can check them out HERE, but if you’d like to see what they are:

$4000 – A Let’s Play of Star Trek: Elite Force II will finally be made and released (perhaps even on a schedule!).

$5000 – The long-proposed series for 90s Kid and Harvey Finevoice will be produced, though not on a set schedule. They will be called “Radical Video Games” and “Classy Comic Reviews.”

$6000 – With History of Power Rangers wrapping up (aside from the eventual looks at future seasons), I will produce a look at Power Rangers-esque shows, including Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters, and others. Trust me, if it exists, I probably already know about it and plan to take a gander.

Now here’s how the videos are going to work. Atop the Fourth Wall episodes will all be converted to the Screenwave player. If a youtube link exists for it, I will include that link as an alternate and update it as we go along with youtube. New episodes I will ATTEMPT to post up on youtube as unlisted, with their eventual release to public once the archive catches up (I may increase to three episodes per week, although I kind of like the idea of catching up in time for the 500th episode). This means that I will be trying to add an ending theme song to the show. My first thought on this is to use one of the other contributions to the theme song contest from oh-so-many years ago. If you contributed to that (especially if one of your entries ended up being used as the ending theme of an episode previously), please feel free to contact me. I’d rather get permission before I did so and I did lose a good chunk of e-mails a long while ago.

Some have suggested I just hold another theme song contest for that. While it might be a possibility in the future, unfortunately I don’t have the free time to organize yet another contest… and even then, after the recent controversy with the Nostalgia Critic DVD art and the reward money for that, I’d rather not presume to know what would be an acceptable prize/compensation for the use of the song. In a pinch, I can always just use an instrumental version of the theme song or the ballad of Linkara, but I’d rather we had something we haven’t used in a long while vs. something most are familiar with now. The unlisted videos, however, will not begin until after the Blip closing to give me time to organize this stuff. There will be a large gap of videos only available on Screenwave, roughly 150 episodes or so. Please try to look into correcting the issues you’ve had with Screenwave, either by contacting them HERE or by updating your video drivers/software.

However, while Atop the Fourth Wall will continue using the Screenwave player, the other videos are a different story. History of Power Rangers, by necessity due to previous copyright issues, will also be Screenwave. Longbox of the Damned, however, has a unique situation wherein it’s probably better to use youtube – mostly because the length of the videos means that people will be binge-watching them and binge-watching works better with youtube. I’ve already replaced all of the 2012 and 2013 Longbox videos with their youtube counterparts. While I’d prefer to keep the youtube channel as the “rerun” channel for the time being, once a Longbox video goes public, the link on the site will be replaced with a youtube embed. So the 2014 videos will become Screenwave until October and then will begin to be replaced as the month goes along. I will also be uploading the rest of the Midsummer’s Nightmare that will be finishing up tomorrow as unlisted videos to youtube to use it as the alternate. Riffs will also be placed on youtube, although the Scrooge riff I will wait until Christmas of this year to put up on the youtube channel. Let’s Play Elite Force will have alternate links to youtube, although the ending theme credits of those was removed for many of them due to copyrighted song usage, so the audio will likely be a bit warped in those (I was using youtube’s algorithm for removing them instead of doing it myself like I did with later videos). I am in the process of uploading Pok√©mon Omicron to youtube as we speak and it will also be placed there, particularly because there is less copyright problems with those (as far as I know, anyway).

Any other videos, like crossovers, I will attempt to replace through the legitimate channels of the other producers who host them. Some are already having difficulty in that department, but I’ll do the best that I can as they come up. In the meantime, please be patient while I begin the long, frustrating process of replacing another 700+ videos in the archive over the next three weeks. Thanks for your support and I hope you all will enjoy what’s coming up!

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