New Episode Delay


Hey, everyone! While for some an announcement of a new episode delay isn’t that shocking, it was a bit for me. I’ve mostly gotten back on track releasing episode and the last three managed to come out at 4 PM on Monday as they should and I was hoping to go for four, but unfortunately circumstances have hurt me on that.

Last Wednesday I got into a car accident that has totaled my vehicle (everyone in both cars is okay but neither car was really drivable afterwards). I’ll let everyone know how this affects me financially (it most likely won’t too badly since it’s a 2014 car with only around 55,000 miles on it so insurance should be good there and I only got word of it being totaled today) and if I need to do some additional fundraising efforts, but so far I think we’re good there.

Of course, it happened RIGHT BEFORE I went out of town for Too Many Games, which was a blast and I’m so happy to see so many fans there. However, that did disrupt my plans to work on the Star Wars 3-D #2 review. Since I’ll still be dealing with the car stuff AND recovering from the convention, that means the episode won’t be out today.

However, I don’t know yet when the episode WILL be out. I think I’m going to try for a double feature next week so we don’t interrupt the schedule, but if need be I’ll alter the schedule and cancel an episode in the next period and shift everything over. I am sorry about the lack of episode, but I do have some plans for this week or next that will keep everyone happy – mainly the Longbox of the Damned: A Midsummer’s Nightmare! Expect a trailer for that soon – if not this week then next week. The four scripts for it are written, I just need to start performing and editing them.

Thank you all for your continued support and viewership. You’re the best fans in the world and I couldn’t do this without you!

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