I’d like to congratulate Heather Nunnelly for becoming the new artist for Revolution of the Mask! You can find samples of her work either at her Deviant Art HERE or at her website HERE!

Now with that, I should note that there was a LOT of tough competition. Unlike the theme song contest, I sadly can’t include the work of the people who did get their name out there, but needless to say I was very impressed by the people who expressed a desire to finish the comic. Just know that I did not hate you work nor take this as a slight against your own work – it’s just that under the criteria that I had, I felt that she was best for the job. And no, I will not tell you what that criteria is, that would be cheating and just lead to bitter recrimination.

I would highly recommend that people check out some of the artists who posted in the annoncement thread, and otherwise look forward to the upcoming issues of Revolution of the Mask!

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