So as I’ve gone to conventions or visited Deviantart, I’ve seen people starting to cosplay as me, be it just brown jackets and hats, to even the awesome people who will construct, say, a keyblade out of the Atop the Fourth Wall symbol or a Pollo.

Come to think of it, an awful lot of women cosplay as me. Go figure.

Anyway, while attending MagFest, a super-awesome fan who goes by SharPhoe on Deviantart came down and was also cosplaying. However, the much more shocking surprise for me was that he had an exact replica of my magic gun! Now, you have to understand: the answer to “Where’d he purchase that?” is “a Renaissance Festival.” I did not know the actual MANUFACTURER of the flintlock replica I use on the show as the magic gun.

However, SharPhoe had, using the scant knowledge and close-up screenshots available on the gun, tracked down a replica. This has made me come to realize that there are a lot of cosplayers who probably want to create an accurate costume, so I’m going to try to give you folks as much information as I can on the Linkara outfit and hopefully you’ll be able to use it or track down some of the stuff that *I* have wanted to track down, since I do want duplicates of my outfit (partially for backup purposes in case I lose any parts of it and partially for costuming, say, a torn version of it after an intense battle).

Now bear in mind I’m not judging you or anything if your costume isn’t 100% accurate or the like. This is just meant as a way to help people if they WANT to make their costumes as accurate as possible. So click on “Read More” to see the Linkara Cosplaying Guide!
The Magic Gun

Since this one is the easiest accessory to locate now thanks to the link, we’ll go with this one first! Apparently the magic gun is a 17th century German flintlock pistol, with more historical details in the link. The main thing that attracted me to it originally was the knight motif on the barrel. Unlike a lot of flintlock replicas I’ve seen, there’s no second “barrel” I would call it under the main one (it kind of resembles a horn, but I have no idea what to call it).

You can purchase a replica of it FROM THIS LINK!

The Purdy Hat

My fedora/trilby/whatever was originally given to me by my Grandmother, who got it at a garage sale intending it for my brother. It didn’t fit his head, but fit mine perfectly and has been a signature accessory for me since then. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find one exactly like it, but maybe those of you out there will have better luck. Here’s what I can tell you about it: as the pictures demonstrate, it’s woven, but from what, I have no idea. Definitely not straw, it is some kind of rough, sturdy material. It’s very good at keeping its own shape even after getting a little smushed and features a band around it that’s the same color as the rest of the hat. There’s a guitar pin on it (a gift from my GREAT-Grandmother, who mistook it for a violin), though I’ve been thinking of replacing it with a pin of a flintlock pistol. The main detail to remember about any hat trying to resemble mine is the upturned brim. A lot of fedoras you can buy from target or the like have the front brim coming down again, but this one has always had an upturned brim and I like it that way.

The Jacket

Despite my best efforts, I know very little about the jacket. I can tell you that it’s corduroy, that it was manufactured by a company called Mossimo, and that unlike a lot of corduroy blazers similar to it, it does NOT have shoulderpads. Beyond that, however, I haven’t been able to find a jacket like it. Mossimo, from what I understand, is a company owned by Target, with exclusive clothes going to it, so I know that there have GOT to be more like it, but they’re probably several years old by this point. It’s just a normal brown color and I’ve been attempting to find one EXACTLY like it with no luck.

The Plaid

This one’s another one that, unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find another one of, though that doesn’t surprise me. Both this shirt and the 90s Kid plaid shirt I got at a Walmart YEARS AND YEARS ago and the fact that they fit so damn well even after all that time is still impressive to me. It’s a very thin material made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it doesn’t wrinkle easily. The actual pattern is on display in the pictures below, though good luck finding one like this after all this time.

The shirt and pants

These ones go together primarily because you can still find them in stores. Over the last two years or so, since I work from home, I’ve stopped wearing jeans and khakis and wear instead pajama pants. As such, the black pajama pants are what I use for the outfit these days, though if you’re going for “early” Linkara, I used to wear black jeans in the videos. They’re Merona brand and you can find them at any Target, same as the shirt below.

A common misconception about my shirt is that it’s green, like the color of the futon. That’s not the case at all – it’s just a trick of the light. In fact, my t-shirt is a charcoal grey and is fairly common. I’ve also started to wear a darker grey t-shirt on occasion, but both versions can be found at Target and are relatively cheap.


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