Ugh, I try to keep these sorts of things to only once a year so I can keep up my near-perfect track record (especially considering it wasn’t too long ago when the other delay was), but unfortunately I have gotten sick from a rather bad cold. I’ve spent most of Saturday in bed and Friday was just a bit miserable.

As a result of all this, not only is the episode not filmed yet, it’s not fully written yet (one bit of storyline was filmed earlier in the week, so that has to be taken care of, too). I’m going to spend the next few hours working on that since I’m currently awake, but the bad news is that the episode is not going to be ready until AT LEAST Tuesday. I hope I can get it done by then, but it SHOULD be out Wednesday at the latest. After that, things SHOULD return to normal.

And of course once again I know people will happily proclaim that my health comes first (which is appreciated), but when I announce episodes coming out on certain days, I feel like I’ve let you down by not getting them out in time. In any event, I’m going to get back to work, hopefully feel better later today, and I’ll keep you all apprised of the situation.

In other news, though, I shall be at Youmacon once again! Last minute announcement, I know, but if you’re going to be in the Cobo Center or Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan on November 3rd-6th, I’d love to have you come out! I’ll have the movie DVD in stock this time! You can find more details HERE!

And to help cover expenses a bit, I am also announcing that the second Atop the Fourth Wall volume is lowering in price to $15 for the rest of October! This one has the most Longbox content on it, so if you’re a fan of that show and haven’t checked it out yet, take a gander HERE for Credit Card and HERE for Paypal!

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