Just two things to get out of the way real quick. A fan made her own cybermat based on the tutorial I provided a bit ago back (Which you can see here if you haven’t already) and I frankly thought that was so cool that I had to share it with all of you. In case you’re wondering, this is also the fan who was present at the Live Show at Youmacon who had the ocarina and could play my theme song on it.

Quick anecdote about this woman (her name is Ashley, if I recall correctly) – during Little Kuriboh’s panel (not the Roast, the panel the next day), I stepped out briefly to get some Burger King since I hadn’t eaten all day. She was actually nearby in line and she started playing my theme song again. She then turned around, stunned as she realized I was standing there, to which I simply said, “You summoned me?”

And here’s another quick thing. If you look at my schedule, you’ll see that in a few weeks I’m going to be doing the “Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of Atop the Fourth Wall.” It’s always my thing at the end of the year just to do a list episode about stuff on the show and this one’s no exception.

The reason I’m doing this instead of another mistakes or missed opportunities list is because the end of the year is going to be tough for me, partially because I’m going out of town in a few days (long story), plus special effects stuff for the episodes PLUS writing some scripts for MagFest, and on top of all of that: Christmas the day before the episode is supposed to go out. It’s also been suggested that it’s a bit lazy for an episode and I can see why that is. As such, I want to include some more people in the process, get your input on what you think are some of my funniest jokes.

As such, while the episode is not going to be just clips (I will explain WHY I like certain jokes or stories behind those jokes), I also unfortunately do not have enough time to look through all 160+ episodes to find all of my favorites. Some I knew already I wanted on this list and some I’ve rediscovered while rewatching a few. However, I also would like to hear your input on what are some of YOUR favorite jokes on the show.

However, to make this list less predictable, I’m also setting down some ground rules, the same ones I’m applying to myself for it, and I’m passing that on to you:

-No running gags. That means no “I am a Man,” no “Bees, My God,” no “There is logic in what he says,” and no “You magnificent bastard, I read your book!” or similar things.
-For that matter, try not to use jokes that are clips from other shows. As much as I love using Dr. Cox’s rants from Scrubs, it’s not so much MY joke as someone else’s joke that happens to fit perfectly in a given situation, especially when describing how moronic someone is.
-Only one joke per episode. You can suggest multiple from certain episodes, but only expect one to show up from any particular episode.
-I AM allowing anything from Kickassia or Suburban Knights or crossovers included, because I count them all as canon with Atop the Fourth Wall, but try to keep it as close to the main show as possible.

Hope that helps and let’s see some suggestions from people!

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