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For those of you who have been following the upcoming episodes lists, you’ll recall that I had an episode scheduled for Christmas Day. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, this episode is being pushed back until after the New Year.

Yeah, I’m really sorry – I wanted this to be an awesome Christmas gift, but realistically I doubt I’ll be able to get the episode done within the week I have left, plus I’m contracting some more work for it to be done that won’t be completed until after the New Year, as well.

In addition, MagFest is going to be tricky. I’ve got the live show stuff, which isn’t too bad to put together myself, but the real problem comes from the fact that I will say that storyline stuff is going to happen in the Justice League: Cry for Justice review… and that storyline stuff is tricky to pull off when I’ve got Magfest to plan for and around. Currently I don’t PLAN to revise the schedule, buuuut it might happen in order to reshuffle things to make my life easier. I really hate to do it since I’ve got my plans and all, but I wanted to make you guys aware of it in case that’s what I end up doing.

Anyway, since I’m not going to be able to get that episode for you by Christmas, enjoy COMMENTARIES! And oh yes, the full That Guy with the Glasses panel from Daisho Con!

First up is a commentary on my very first episode – Spider-Man #56!

Next is a commentary for Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5!

And finally, Daisho Con!

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