#SecretProject REVEALED!

I am proud to finally announce what #SecretProject is and answer some questions you no doubt have about this!

So… what is it?
This is “A Voice From the Dark,” a six-part audio drama reuniting over two dozen video producers, current and former, in a horror/comedy adventure in the style of the old Channel Awesome anniversary videos! Each part will be released daily from June 17th through the 22nd

Audio Drama?
Yep! Basically think a podcast or a full-cast radio play, but obviously not released over radio. I understand that many of our viewers may not be familiar with audio dramas (plus the large cast), so to make this a little easier, as you can see in the trailer I have commissioned the amazingly talented Skutch to produce artwork for all the principle players in it. Anytime they’re speaking or in a scene, you’ll be able to tell who’s in a scene and who’s talking

How did this come about?
After everything happened with Channel Awesome last year, many producers expressed regret over either not getting to be in the then-planned CA 10th Anniversary Movie or just an Anniversary Movie in general despite many years on the site. Leslie Rice, AKA Terror Obscura on Youtube and a former CA producer himself, took it upon himself to start organizing a project that would allow us to unite our talents in a project like the anniversaries without the significant cost associated with it, thus an audio drama.

Unfortunately, after he and I had developed the original story idea, he had to drop out of the project due to personal life issues he was facing and I took the reins writing the script and organizing everyone. Unfortunately, I was also working on everything with the 10th Anniversary of Atop the Fourth Wall, so I couldn’t FULLY devote myself to the project until later in 2018. Once the script was completed (with input from all the producers involved to ensure people approved of their characterization and dialogue), we recorded in small groups and are now ready to reveal everything!

Who’s in this?
The full list is as follows:
Main Characters
-Ryan Molina of Battle Geek Plus
-The Blockbuster Buster
-Shaun Kronenfeld
-Some Jerk With a Camera
-Luke Spencer
-The Bargain Boy
-The Omega Geek
-Mike J
-Lotus Prince
-Maven of the Eventide
-The Dom
-Ask Lovecraft
-Diamanda Hagan

Additional Voices
-Mike Dodd
-Il Neige
-Dex Clemens
-Holly Christine Brown
-Beth Elderkin

Why isn’t _________ in this?!
When we were first putting this together, we attempted to contact as many former Channel Awesome producers as we could find. The answer to why whoever you’re wondering about isn’t in this is pretty much:
-They weren’t interested
-They were involved for a bit, but decided to leave at some stage for any number of reasons
-They didn’t answer
-We don’t have any formal contact with them anymore

Now it is still possible that there were just people who we missed. It happens – especially when CA had roughly 60 or so producers who had been on the site at one stage or another and for that I am sorry.

Will you do this again?!
That depends a lot on how interested people are in it! I’d love to do more audio dramas and plays like this in the future, whether it be us playing our reviewer/producer selves or just acting in a story. How interested people are in this will help determine if it’s worth the time investment to do more of it. If we do another in this vein, with producers on some kind of adventure, I’d be happy to expand the roster into other content producers out there than just former CA ones.

Why is this showing up on more than just the AT4W Youtube account?
One of the big problems the producers had with the anniversary movies was that there was no compensation for our time and effort. While flights, hotels, and meals were covered for many producers making videos was NOT their primary source of income, which meant taking time away from their regular lives and jobs… or, if videos WERE their primary source of income, taking time away from producing content. Being a part of them could be a huge boon to a producer, but not necessarily enough to cover the lost time and workload (especially when crossover videos filmed during this time had to be given to CA to help cover the costs).

As such, I felt since the other producers were contributing their time and voices to this project, that it only be fair that they get to put it on their own channels (if they so choose) and reap the benefits from their own viewers with some additional content.

Will there be a CD/DVD/distribution of this outside of the videos?
Yes, there is a plan in place for me to release this in physical form and most likely a DVD with extras like bloopers, interviews with the cast, a prequel story that goes into more detail the backstory of what happened – that sort of thing. I can’t give any details at this time. As for any other kind of distribution, say iTunes or Amazon or the like that will also likely be happening, but right now my focus is on finishing the whole thing up for people.

When’s the next History of Power Rangers?
Okay, now you’re screwing with me.

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