Hey once again, just wanted to make a little update on this front since it’s been a while since I made a post about this:

First of all, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ME ON SKYPE OR AIM OR MSN OR ETC. I use Skype for TGWTG-related business and frankly it’s kind of weird to just have random fans contacting me. It’s nothing personal, it’s just I prefer to keep it for business use.

If you want to contact me, do so over private messages on forums or over e-mail. Which brings me to somethng else: contacting me over e-mail.

…yeah… that made sense as a sentence…

Anyway, the point being that while I will try to answer every e-mail sent to me, sometimes I’m very busy and just don’t have time to answer questions about who I think would win in a fight or blah, blah, blah.

Another reason you may not get a response to me on e-mail is because you’re using an e-mail service related to AOL or Comcast. I have no ill feelings whatsoever with either of those services, but sadly they seem to have a problem with my e-mail server, and subsequently any time I try to respond to messages from them they get rejected and never reach their destination. That just happened with two people contacting me about donations and I am always interested in receiving donations. As such, it’s best to send me e-mails through other e-mail servers, particularly Hotmail or Gmail.

Otherwise I have the Blog set so that I have to approve every comment made which means I see every comment posted, so if you want to try to say something to me, feel free to comment. Unless it’s some sort of spam advertisement, I don’t reject any statement. Even if it was some sort of racial slur I’d let it through, but mostly just so that everyone can point and laugh at the racist person.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is now a Twitter on the lower right side of the page. While I don’t post hourly updates, I’ll usually put something on there at least once a day, be it show-related or just something random.

Also I do not have a facebook nor will I ever have a facebook.

And one last thing – I’ll give a bigger push to this soon but just as a little hint for something that’s to come, check out this happy little blog run by an awesome person who makes props, dolls, and cosplay materials.

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