Radio Noir Appearance!
Was waiting a day or two after the episode before I posted this up. I sadly don’t have time to post up the video of it (not that it really makes much difference, just basically the same thing but in video form) since I’m actually working on three reviews at once – Ultimates 3 #5 and the double feature for the following week.

Still, enjoy this interview with the awesometastic Radio Noir peeps!

Revolution of The Mask
Yeah, many people have been asking me what’s up with the next issue of Revolution of the Mask, so full disclosure: I can’t find my artist.

Yeah, Leonardo Hector Freites, my artist for ROTM, has stopped answering my e-mails and I haven’t heard from him since November, where he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and I conveyed the same to him, so I doubt it’s a matter of me pissing him off. He had expressed some health problems in the past, but I really hope they weren’t anything serious enough to incapacitate him.

My attempts at contacting him have failed, so I may have little choice at some point but to move forward without him. I may need to explore the legal options of that since we were both entered into contract with Brain Scan to do the book, but if I can’t find him or contact him, I don’t know what to do.

The best case scenario is that I find him, he’s okay and that something just went wrong or that he was just far too busy working on far-better-paying projects. The worst case is that I never find him and the book dies after only two issues with no further answers given or expansion of what’s happening.

What’s most likely going to occur is a medium ground. If I can’t get in touch with him and Brain Scan is willing to enter into a new contract, I’ll go on an artist hunt for someone to take the reigns, hopefully someone with a similar enough style so that the book has artistic consistency.

If that is what it comes to, I’ll make an announcement around March or April.

Upcoming Episodes
Here are the upcoming episodes through April:
2/22 – The Wanderers #5
3/1 – Doom’s IV #1/2
3/8 – X-Men #1
3/15 – Darker Image #1
3/22 – The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2
3/29 – Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2
4/5 – Star Trek/X-Men #1
4/12 – Athena #1
4/19 – JLA: Act of God Part 1
4/26 – JLA: Act of God Part 2
5/3 – JLA: Act of God Part 3

Anything else just ask away!

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