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Well, I had a great time at FallCon two days ago, especially since I actually had a table! I sold several of the comics I’ve reviewed at cover price along with a signature on them, including Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man, Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1 and 2, and Batman: Fortunate Son.

I met some wonderful fans of the videos and hopefully made some new ones! So click on “Read More” to see some awesome people who visited the table and some other goodies.

Seated beside me is Marcus Almund, writer of the awesome independent comic Razor Kid!

I met this awesome girl several months ago at MicroCon with a similar hat. It is made of pure win, since she can actually fit her whole head in it. She also got my copy of US-1 #1.

This would be S.P. Burke, artist and creator of Oh Goodie! and he gave me a print of Alan Moore. He is awesomesauce.

This is the very nice woman who bought the copy of Batman: Fortunate Son from me at its ridiculous price of $15. In order to sweeten the deal, I went and got Gene Ha’s signature inside of it, as well (no, I did not tell him that I had made fun of the way Batman and Robin looked in it. Please don’t tell him). If I remember correctly, she also bought one of the T-shirts (more on that down father).

And here is continually awesome writer and inker Keith Champagne, who I’ve known through both his Blog AND his frequent appearances at Minnesota conventions. Obviously he was tired by the fact that IT HAD SNOWED. IN OCTOBER. He’s also currently producing the very well-written and intriguing superhero maxiseries “The Mighty” and you can find more about him at his blog.

There was a Linkara cosplayer.

THERE WAS SOMEONE COSPLAYING AS ME. I have reached true celebrity status. XD

This awesometastic ninja lady not only purchased the Ninja-Style Dancer T-shirt but also has made fanart of me! You can find the art shown here at her DeviantArt Page, but as you can see, she’s made one of me and my bear (I love the way she’s drawn him. CUTE!) as well as Spoony and I singing “He tried to kill me with a forklift.”

EDIT: This gentleman, named Kyle, posted in the comments who he was, so he has now been identified! He was nice enough to purchase Captain Planet, Star Trek, and NFL Superpro. A friend of his got his hands on Adventures of the Kool-Aide Man and a the Uncanny X-Men issues I’d reviewed. Good on them!

Big apologies to this gentleman because I can’t remember his name or what he bought (well, aside from the “I am a Man!” shirt). Still, big props to him for coming out and supporting both comics as well as myself, so kudos, sir!

Alrighty, now about the T-shirts. Yes – t-shirts will be made available, but currently I’m not publically announcing the shirts quite yet. Why? I’m waiting off until the store for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com opens, but as soon as it does, shirts will be made available. The ones I had at the convention were the samples I had gotten from Printfection to make sure they printed right and I only had one of each. The “I am a Man!” shirts, however, are being done via TGWTG and Mike Michaud was nice enough to give me a few in different sizes that I was able to sell at the convention.

Otherwise, coming up expect shirts for:
-“Bees, My God.”
-“Youngblood’s Disease Foundation”
-“Punk is nothing but death and crime and the rage of a beast!”
-“Ninja-Style Dancers” (Shown above)

In any case, that’s all for now! Thanks for watching the videos, thanks for supporting me, and thanks to those who saw me at the convention!

Speaking of, a special thank you to the Midwest Comic Book Association for putting on an awesome convention!

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