Transmission Awesome, the official podcast of Channel Awesome, triumphantly returns!

And who is their first guest? ME! I talk about the new site, the new DVD, and the movie!

NOTE: Unfortunately, at this time this video is down after the Blip closing. When it’s uploaded to a new location, this shall be replaced.


Back Issues!

  • Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5

    Godzilla should just have an MP3 player when waiting in traffic.

  • Showcase #4

    The fastest man alive! …was Jay Garrick. I guess Barry Allen is fastester. If you’re having trouble watching this video […]

  • Action Comics #252

    The Supergirl from Krypton! …Just in case you thought she was the Supergirl from Branson, Missouri. If you’re having trouble […]

  • RANDOM?!

    Feelin'... lucky?