It’s that time again! Click “Read More” to see the current state of several projects, delays, contests, conventions, plans, ideas, questions, and all the other crap I do around here! Also included: a little contest video, as well!

You can download a high resolution copy of the Longbox of the Damned logo HERE!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
8/1 – Star Trek: Voyager #1 (Marvel)
8/8 – PATREON: Unsounded, Chapter 1
8/15 – PATREON: Biggles and the Menace from Space
8/22 – Batman and Robin Movie Comic Adaptation
8/29 – Superman and the TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids: Victory by Computer
9/5 – Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War
9/12 – PATREON: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27-28
9/19 – Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Ch. 1
9/26 – PATREON: Pryde of the X-Men

As always, the schedule is subject to change based on whims, lack of material, or something else that may come up. The monthly Star Trek 50th anniversary celebration with episodes will be coming to a close in September with the episode closest to the first airing of “The Man Trap” on September 8th, 1966.

In case you’re not a patron, I posted on there a while ago that I was having difficulty with recording segments of this storyline. Part of it is that it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things after doing a movie with so many resources and part of it is just how busy I’ve been – working on other projects, getting the movie DVD together, conventions, and personal life stuff. The plan for this storyline was to end it on Halloween. I’m HOPING that that can still happen, though obviously there will be some changes this time around. Basically, instead of a lot of smaller storyline segments, I’m going to try to condense multiple ones into one per episode – with transitions like in shows or whatnot that make it so it’s not just slapping different segments together. Obviously stuff will get condensed a bit and plans will change, but I’m making a conscious effort to try to have this done for October like I had originally planned. However, if things go awry and it’s just not possible, we’ll be going back to the old storyline format of ending in February with a double feature. We’ll see how things go – the next storyline bits are going to be a doozy.

Longbox of the Damned Bumpers Contest
All the details are in the video above! Realistically, if I don’t GET 31 entries… well, I’ll make do with the ones I’ve got, maybe repeat them or try to make a few myself. Still, I’m hoping you guys check it out, make some entries (and yeah, why not – you can submit multiple times just as long as they feel different enough, although unless I get less than 31 entries, only ONE entry will make it into the regular Longbox episodes per person). In the meantime, have fun and start getting spooky!

PO Unboxing
Since people have been asking about making more PO Unboxing videos, here are some reminders about them:
-They have no set schedule – they are done when I feel I have enough material for them… and when I have free time to record one.
-Doing a PO Unboxing video is less of a priority for me when I have other things on a deadline.
-Please slow down in sending stuff to me – the idea was to do them as I collected packages over the course of, say, a month, but I am limited by how much space I have to store stuff sent to me, even when I move into my new place. Sending too much will ensure that I have to give it away or throw it away simply because I cannot physically keep them any more.

History of Power Rangers
A reminder that the Dino Charge History of Power Rangers episode has no set date as of yet because I need to have DVDs of the entire series before I can do the video. I have only watched the first two episodes at this time, so I have no thoughts to offer as of yet… and even if I did, chances are they’d change by the time I did the video anyway.

The releases on youtube has of course slowed down due to how much other stuff has been put on my plate. I haven’t forgotten about them, of course, just that it isn’t on my priority list… especially when the three Mighty Morphin seasons on there have been ContentIDed… for the 4 seconds of “Go Go Power Rangers” used for the intro sequence. Yeah. It’s being claimed by Warner Chapell for “Vamos Power Rangers,” so obviously this is a case of the Spanish language version claiming it, since this otherwise would not happen. I am fighting them and will continue to fight them since these were specifically edited FOR youtube and it’s ridiculous to claim something for 4 seconds of a song, but it’s one more factor that has discouraged me from working on more of them for youtube for the time being, although I have alternate ideas for that front should I need to upload them AGAIN.

Pokémon Omicron
Okay, there’s a lull between conventions, trips, my upcoming move at the end of the month, and just everything else going on for me aside from the regular show, so it’s time to finally get back on track and produce more Pokémon Omicron episodes. As such, here’s what we’re going to do – people want to know when I’m going to stream Omicron? FINE. We’re setting a date for a stream. This won’t be every week, but I’m going to play, record as much footage as I can, and I’m telling you guys ahead of time so you can plan for it. With apologies for my international audience if this is going to be too late in the evening for it, but I have to do stuff based on my own time zone.

On Monday, August 8th at 7 PM Central Time I will host a Pokémon Omicron stream for probably around 3 hours (that’s usually how long these recording sessions go). There you go, I hope you enjoy and that this will mean more episodes can start coming out (a recording session usually yields about 4-6 episodes). You can watch on on my Twitch Stream when it happens.

Embed Codes Restoration
Recently all the Screenwave embed codes for videos have had to have been replaced. While the majority HAVE been fixed in the critical areas (Atop the Fourth Wall, History of Power Rangers, etc.), there will be quite a few I haven’t gotten to. Feel free to make a comment if you see an old vlog or something that needs to be fixed, although be aware that some crossover videos require the other contributor to have posted them up and supplied me with an embed code for them and in some cases hadn’t even done that when the original Screenwave player was around. In addition: older videos featuring Iron Liz and myself like “You’re Such a Card… Game!” were HER videos and have loooong since been lost, so there’s nothing I can do in that area.

Live Shows
The irritating thing about how busy I’ve been is that it doesn’t seem as evident that I have been given the speed at which content is released. Basically my being busy has been focused around working on stuff for the long term, which doesn’t translate to released material right away. However, some of these are looooong overdue and require very little work on my part, so it’s time to finally get back on track. As you may have noticed, despite attending several conventions over the last year or two, there haven’t been any new live show releases. And those of you who have attended the shows have noticed that they haven’t come out despite being recorded. Well, I’m going to get back on track and start editing and releasing them. Now, unfortunately last year due to me working on that year’s Midsummer’s Nightmare AND the movie, I just would often use the same live show script at multiple conventions. That means that, sadly, some of the shows you attended will NOT be released. I’m going by what I think was the best audience reaction/performance I gave, so I apologize if your own show doesn’t make the cut. I always have a good time with these, but some just end up being better than others.

Nothing too new to report here. I will say that while I THOUGHT I had enabled the “Charge Upfront” feature that I had discussed during the last State of the Wall, it apparently had not taken (or since it was still in beta form, it had been activated and then deactivated). I have now enabled it, so if you’re a new patron of the show, you will be charged for your first month upon becoming a patron, then charged again at the beginning of the month, so best to do it early rather than late! On that note, I’m always looking for suggestions to improve the Patreon and for new rewards or milestones, especially since the current support level has been rather stagnant over the last year, which makes it more unlikely we’ll hit the other milestone goals like History of Other American Tokusatsu Shows, a Let’s Play of Star Trek: Elite Force II and other stuff.

We are ALMOST caught up on youtube uploads! Obviously some side videos have not gotten a second release on youtube like live shows, but Longbox of the Damned is fully caught up and Atop the Fourth Wall will be caught up before September ends! Some have asked where it’s better to watch videos – on my site or on youtube and the honest answer is… I don’t know yet. We’re still fairly early into the new Screenwave player to say for certain. I do really appreciate that people want to maximize how much I earn on the videos, but sadly the data’s not there yet. Watch where you feel most comfortable doing so, though obviously text updates and whatnot will happen on my site that won’t show up on youtube. Still, if you want a good archive-dive on youtube, I’m starting a new daily video for subscribers where I reach back, grab an episode and put that up on the front page as the “Video of the Day.” It’ll mostly be Atop the Fourth Wall, though I’ll likely start expanding to other material to coincide with movie releases and whatnot. But yes, you won’t need a link any longer from my site to see an Unlisted new episode of Atop the Fourth Wall – the video will be released publicly for your enjoyment.

Nerd and Tie Expo – On September 23-25th, I will be attending Nerd and Tie Expo in Eau Claire, WI! It is at the Plaza Hotel and Suites and you can check out more details from their website!

That’s all for now! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I’ll try to get back to them as soon as I can!

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